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Hot-Tubbing in Cross-Border Litigation

Posted on 2017 Sep 19 by

Canadian and US businesses are expanding their reach into each other’s jurisdictions, often taking on new partners. As a result, shareholder disputes can arise, which can lead to cross-border litigation. As an expert witness in the areas of business valuation, economic damages, and forensic accounting, I have found that pre-trial hot-tubbing is occurring more frequently…

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How Business Valuations Help You Maximize Profit When Selling Your Business

Posted on 2017 Aug 07 by

Whether you’re looking to sell your business or you’re considering an unsolicited offer, one of your first steps should be to obtain a professional business valuation. A business valuation provides a snapshot of the value of your business, which can give you a sense of the amount you can expect to receive, or help you…

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Benefits of Succession Planning: Formalized Corporate Governance

Posted on 2017 Jul 03 by

The benefits of succession planning are most commonly associated with a transfer of leadership or ownership – i.e. finding and grooming a successor to ensure a smooth, future transition of leadership with minimal impact on the business. The benefits of succession planning can also be immediate in nature. An effective succession plan can improve the…

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Preparing Your Business for Sale: Cash Flow Projections for Business Valuations

Posted on 2017 Mar 01 by

Preparing your business for sale involves much more than sprucing up its curb appeal and the cleanliness of the office or plant. While these factors are important in creating a positive first impression, there is a substantial amount of planning that should take place well in advance of exposing the business for sale. In addition…

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How do I Normalize My Financial Statements for Business Valuation & Sale?

Posted on 2017 Jan 09 by

One of the most important sources of information that prospective buyers will use, when considering a potential purchase of your business, is your company’s financial statements.  If they are unaudited, it is highly advisable to upgrade the quality of the financial statements to an audit for at least three years prior to listing your business…

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Gauging Your Worth: Valuation of Your Business

Gauging Your Worth: Valuation of Your Business

Posted on 2016 Dec 05 by

It is commonly known that a business valuation is required when selling a business, but it is also important to have on hand for many other reasons, including to determine the buy-in price for an additional owner, to help plan your exit strategy, and to deal with a divorce or shareholder dispute issue. Although a…

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