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litigation support

Litigation Support and Business Valuations in High Net Worth Matrimonial Disputes

Posted on 2017 Mar 27 by

Ever hear of a quick, fair, and even-handed divorce? Me neither! Divorces by their very nature tend to be emotionally charged and contentious. The conflicts that ended the marriage quite often continue to simmer, resulting in a lengthy battle over what constitutes a fair settlement. If you own a business, the value of your company…

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Litigation support

Litigation Support: A Powerful Tool of Corporate Law

Posted on 2017 Mar 20 by

Corporate disputes are often resolved through mediation or negotiation; however, complex and contentious matters may require more formal legal proceedings. Where such disputes involve the quantification of financial loss, the litigation support services of a forensic accountant can be necessary and invaluable. Forensic accountants provide the court with an independent financial expert opinion and also…

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forensic accounting services

Forensic Accounting Services: The ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’ Approach to Fraud Investigations

Posted on 2017 Mar 13 by

Forensic accounting services exist as a means of preventing, identifying, and reducing the risk of fraud. While the more dramatic cases may uncover large sums of missing funds over many years, the ideal approach to forensic accounting is to minimize the risk of fraud before it happens – or identify it as soon as possible….

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business valuation

Preparing Your Business for Sale: Cash Flow Projections for Business Valuations

Posted on 2017 Mar 01 by

Preparing your business for sale involves much more than sprucing up its curb appeal and the cleanliness of the office or plant. While these factors are important in creating a positive first impression, there is a substantial amount of planning that should take place well in advance of exposing the business for sale. In addition…

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compliance services

7 Reasons American Companies are Flocking North to Open Canadian Branches

Posted on 2017 Feb 27 by

Conducting business and expanding on an international stage has become increasingly difficult to navigate, with complex and ever-changing tax requirements, regulations, and legislation. This places a huge burden on companies that are looking to do business across borders. At Fuller Landau, we provide international tax planning and compliance services to foreign-owned businesses coming to Canada…

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family office services

Do You Have a High Net-Worth? Family Office Services Can Help.

Posted on 2017 Feb 06 by

When your wealth reaches a certain threshold, your personal finances can become as complex as those of any business. It’s common for high net-worth individuals and their families to have a number of financial advisors to manage various aspects of their overall portfolio, often representing several different organizations. While it is important to have the…

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business valuations

How do I Normalize My Financial Statements for Business Valuation & Sale?

Posted on 2017 Jan 09 by

One of the most important sources of information that prospective buyers will use, when considering a potential purchase of your business, is your company’s financial statements.  If they are unaudited, it is highly advisable to upgrade the quality of the financial statements to an audit for at least three years prior to listing your business…

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business accounting solutions

Business Accounting Solutions to Streamline Your Year-End

Posted on 2016 Dec 19 by

There are a number of benefits to streamlining the internal accounting processes for your business. The most obvious benefit is the reduction in time required to prepare the necessary information for your corporate year end, thereby making the process much more efficient and cost-effective. Streamlining your accounting processes can also mitigate redundancies and needless complications…

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