Our Raison d’Etre

At Fuller Landau, we bring more to the table than traditional accounting and tax services. Guided by our Raison d’Etre, our professional team builds strong working partnerships with our clients – making the “Fuller Landau Experience” rewarding and unique.


Our award-winning firm has more than 50 years of experience working with mid-market, privately owned companies. Our greatest strength is our team of over 130 talented team members, across two offices. Driven by our defining values of commitment, learning, integrity, excellence and teamwork, we are dedicated to helping you increase your personal net worth.

Assurance and Tax Compliance/Planning

Assurance and tax compliance/planning are critical pieces of your business strategy. We not only provide you with reliable, up-to-date services, but we proactively identify ways to improve your business each year. Our team possess the latest knowledge of assurance, tax and compliance issues so you can rest assured that you are meeting all requirements while capitalizing on savings opportunities. Our goals include reducing your tax liability and maximizing your cash flow. For more information on our assurance and tax compliance/planning services, please click here.

Enhancing Business Value

Because a business’s performance is the most significant driver of personal net worth for an entrepreneur, we focus on finding solutions to maximize profitability for your unique situation. Our team takes a holistic approach to enhancing the value of your evolving business by developing strategies that help you achieve your short-term and long-term goals. Ultimately, our services help you enhance business processes, improve cash flow, increase earnings, deal with business challenges and seize opportunities, boosting overall business value. For more information on how we can help enhance business value, please click here.

Personal Tax Planning and Compliance

The tax strategy for you and your family is a vital element of your overall financial picture. Our team efficiently navigates through regulatory matters to optimize your tax solutions and opportunities. Staying abreast of changing tax regulations, our experienced professionals develop tax strategies that ensure the greatest tax benefit for your personal situation. For more information on our personal tax planning and compliance services, please click here.

Wealth Management/Investment Advisory

Successful wealth management and investment advisory requires full integration of all aspects of your financial net worth. At Fuller Landau, we act as your personal CFO to develop, implement and maintain a sound financial strategy for achieving your personal financial goals. Our professionals provide cohesive assistance to your existing financial planning, insurance and legal team, ensuring synergy between all parties.

Our ongoing intimate client relationships are the cornerstone of our ability to develop personalized solutions to accomplish your objectives and protect your assets. As objective and independent advisors, our knowledgeable team acts in your best interests to grow your non-business asset portfolio.

For more information on our investment advisory services, please click here.

Realizing Value: Succession/Exit Strategies

Your current personal and business strategies shape the future of your wealth. The integration of these two strategies is crucial when planning the sale/succession of your business from one party or generation to the next. This event has an immense impact on your ability to achieve your personal financial dreams. Our team collaborates to provide expert mergers and acquisitions, tax and financial planning services to optimize the monetization of assets upon this transition. As your trusted advisor, we work closely with you throughout the planning and implementation process, keeping you on the path to achieve your dreams. For more information on our succession planning services, please click here.

Increase Personal Net Worth

The culmination of our comprehensive Raison d’Etre lies in the synergy surrounding the big picture of your wealth. By creating strategies that incorporate both your personal and business objectives, we ensure you reach declared business goals and increase your personal net worth. Our team takes a vested interest in your financial affairs, providing you and your business personalized accounting, tax and financial services. We help you successfully align your business and personal financial strategies to take you where you want to go. For more information on how we can help increase your personal net worth, please click here.

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