Author: David Filice

How Corporate Restructuring Can Benefit Healthy Businesses

Toronto Corporate Restructuring
David Filice • December 05, 2018
David FiliceMost think of corporate restructuring as a way to save a failing business. This is for a good reason: a major function of corporate restructuring is to ‘course-correct’ a struggling business. However, it’s important to note that saving a business in distress isn’t the only function of restructuring. A Restructuring Effort Ca ... Read More

The Foundation of a Successful Toronto Corporate Restructuring

David Filice • November 21, 2018
David FiliceA corporate restructuring can be the most challenging task that a business may ever have to undertake. Restructurings are most often a means of avoiding dire straits, be it an immediate crisis or a set of potential problems looming on the horizon. In this article, we will explore why a company may require corporate restructuring, ... Read More

The 4 Components to a Successful Corporate Restructuring

David Filice • July 16, 2018
David FiliceCorporate restructuring can be a complex, sensitive, and stressful process and must be undertaken with the utmost care. It often represents a major business investment, typically conducted when a company is already in financial distress. So how can you ensure the best outcome for you and your stakeholders? In this blog post, we’ll review the ... Read More

Professional advisor key to successful restructuring

David Filice • August 12, 2014
David FiliceFor many business owners or managers, working through a distressed situation can be very difficult and time consuming. In many instances, it may be the first time the business has gone through a troubled operating patch. It’s probably human nature to try to resolve the situation yourself, without any outside help – or maybe it’s ... Read More