Author: David Filice

COVID-19: Protecting and Positioning Retail Business for the Future

David Filice • June 30, 2020
David FiliceA Fuller Landau interview with leading retail consulting firm HRC Retail Advisory. The environment in which retail stores are re-opening will be far from business as usual. The team at Fuller Landau strives to provide the best advice and insights to our clients and network of lenders and other business relationships. David Filice, Partner in ... Read More

Midmarket Manufacturing Suppliers Should Take a Page From Giant Retailers and Think Bigger

David Filice • October 15, 2019
David FiliceHuge takeover deals by larger retailers over the years has created significant consolidation and is putting a lot of price pressure on suppliers whose margins are tighter than ever. The bigger the retailer, the more stringent the demands, which include, but are not limited to, retroactive price discounts and a freeze on prices going forward. ... Read More

The Importance of Cash Flow Management

David Filice • September 23, 2019
David FiliceBusiness owners usually evaluate financial performance based on profitability. Continuous efforts are made to improve the bottom line by generating new sales in addition to applying cost cutting measures. The common assumption is that to obtain financing from bankers and other key stakeholders, strong profitability is the only measure that counts. ... Read More

How Corporate Restructuring Can Benefit Healthy Businesses

Toronto Corporate Restructuring
David Filice • December 05, 2018
David FiliceMost think of corporate restructuring as a way to save a failing business. This is for a good reason: a major function of corporate restructuring is to ‘course-correct’ a struggling business. However, it’s important to note that saving a business in distress isn’t the only function of restructuring. A Restructuring Effort Ca ... Read More

The Foundation of a Successful Toronto Corporate Restructuring

David Filice • November 21, 2018
David FiliceA corporate restructuring can be the most challenging task that a business may ever have to undertake. Restructurings are most often a means of avoiding dire straits, be it an immediate crisis or a set of potential problems looming on the horizon. In this article, we will explore why a company may require corporate restructuring, ... Read More