Author: Ellis Orlan

Top 4 Tax & Accounting Mistakes Made by Entrepreneurs

Ellis Orlan • January 29, 2018
Ellis OrlanLet’s face it – as a business owner, your time is a precious commodity. You’ve got a business to run and grow, and your time is not best served brushing up on the latest business accounting rules and regulations. But accounting is an important function in every business, and any one of these tax or ... Read More

5 Financial Accounting Controls That Every Small Business Needs

Ellis Orlan • December 04, 2017
Ellis OrlanSmall to Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) are frequent sources of wealth, pride, and personal fulfilment. However, they are often viewed as ‘easy targets’ for fraud, theft, and embezzlement. For this reason, owners of SMBs should be particularly vigilant about their high-risk positions, their checks and balances, and their small business accounting ... Read More

The Top 6 Accounting and Tax Questions Asked by Small Businesses

Ellis Orlan • August 01, 2017
Ellis OrlanTax can be a worrisome topic when it comes to small businesses, particularly those who are relatively new to the game. To help take some of the mystery out of business and tax planning, we have answered the 6 questions most commonly asked by small businesses: Does Every Business File the Same Taxes? No. How ... Read More

Accounting 101: Introduction to Accounting and Auditing Services

Ellis Orlan • October 10, 2016
Ellis OrlanLet’s face it – your strength is in running a successful company. You understand the ins and outs of your business and industry, but when it comes to accounting and auditing services, you may not have received any formal training on the specifics. With our new “Accounting 101” series, we hope to help businesses of ... Read More

Is Success Only Measured By Profits?

Ellis Orlan • January 23, 2015
Ellis OrlanProfits may be the most popular metric of measuring the success of a business venture but it is by no means the only (or the best) method for measuring success. Most start-ups are not profitable at the beginning of operation and many are not profitable for years. While monetizing a business is an important goal ... Read More