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Webinar: South Dakota v. Wayfair

July 6th Webinar – South Dakota v. Wayfair

Posted on 2018 Jun 28 by

On June 21st, the US Supreme Court issued its much-anticipated opinion in South Dakota v. Wayfair, enabling states to impose sales tax on vendors without an in-state physical presence. The consequences for Canadian companies selling to customers south of the border will be significant. 

All Gold Imports Inc.

Road to Success – All Gold Imports Inc.

Posted on 2018 Apr 27 by

With family roots in the food industry dating back to 1899 in South Africa, it’s no surprise that Louis Pillemer followed suit. He always knew that he wanted to go into business for himself. So too, did his brother Gary and their neighbour in South Africa, Jason Berman. Entrepreneurship was in their blood. After graduating…

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Did You Know...

Federal Budget 2018 – Refundable Dividend Tax on Hand

Posted on 2018 Feb 28 by

The February 27, 2018 Federal Budget proposes changes to the refundable dividend tax on hand (RDTOH) regime. Currently, the goal of the Canadian tax system is to achieve integration between the shareholder and the private corporation. Generally, this means that no matter how income is taxed in the corporation, by the time the income is in…

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Passive Income

Federal Budget 2018 – Passive Income

Posted on 2018 Feb 28 by

One of the most anticipated aspects of the 2018 Federal Budget was the changes to the taxation of passive investments held within a private Canadian owned corporation. The Budget release, to much relief, has proposed a simplified approach for the taxation of passive income earned inside a private corporation. The new proposed measures will be…

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