Author: Gordon Jessup

Using Revenue Recognition to Manage Cash Flow

Gordon Jessup • October 07, 2019
Gordon JessupWe recently were asked to assist a foreign construction company with their Canadian corporate income tax returns. They were in the midst of their first Canadian project and had worked with their local accountant in determining their net income. For accounting purposes, they determined their net income using the percentage of completion method. This ... Read More

What Do You Need for SR&ED Corporate Tax Credits?

Corporate Tax Credits
Gordon Jessup • December 27, 2018
Gordon JessupThe Scientific Research & Experimental Development (SR&ED) tax incentive is a government program meant to subsidize the research and development costs of Canadian businesses of all sizes, from all industries. However, while the program is of great potential benefit to many companies, it is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), an ... Read More

How Could Your Business Benefit from a Corporate Tax Advisor, Year-Round?

Gordon Jessup • September 13, 2018
Gordon JessupAll too often we think of corporate tax advisors as a once-a-year requirement, brought in at the conclusion of the corporate year end to prepare financial statements and corporate tax returns. While they can definitely add value at year end, there are a number of other ways that a corporate tax advisor in Toronto and ... Read More

Special Alert: Potential Tax Changes in Upcoming Federal Budget

Gordon Jessup • March 08, 2017
Gordon JessupThe federal government has announced that the 2017 Budget will be tabled in the House of Commons on Wednesday, March 22, 2017. In advance of a new budget, there is always much speculation regarding tax changes that may be implemented. This year, there is talk about a potential increase in the capital gains inclusion rate, ... Read More

Surviving Litigation: Accounting and Tax Solutions to Creditor-Proof Your Business Assets

Gordon Jessup • November 28, 2016
Gordon JessupAs a business owner, your company is likely your most valuable asset. You’ve worked hard to build up your business, so it’s important to protect that asset against potential risks. By effectively ‘Creditor-Proofing’ your business, you limit your corporate and personal exposure to creditors, should a problem arise. Business Enterprise Soluti ... Read More