Author: Jeffrey Cling

How Executive Compensation Plans Impact Property and Support in a Divorce

Jeffrey Cling • November 16, 2015
Jeffrey ClingQ: What are executive compensation plans? JC: Executives receive compensation you would typically expect such as salary, bonus and retirement plans like RRSPs or pensions. Those types of benefits are easy to deal with in family law cases. The challenge occurs when executives receive more complex compensation such as stock options and restricted sh ... Read More

Taking the Measure of Your Business

Jeffrey Cling • February 05, 2015
Jeffrey ClingThinking of selling? It pays to first know what you’re worth. As a trucking business owner it’s critically important to know how much you’re worth. Why? A few key reasons: you may want to sell one day; or maybe just plan for retirement. Perhaps you’re planning your estate and/or succession; maybe you’d like to take ... Read More