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Forensic Accounting Services: The ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’ Approach to Fraud Investigations

Posted on 2017 Mar 13 by

Forensic accounting services exist as a means of preventing, identifying, and reducing the risk of fraud. While the more dramatic cases may uncover large sums of missing funds over many years, the ideal approach to forensic accounting is to minimize the risk of fraud before it happens – or identify it as soon as possible….

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Are You Ready for the New Code of Ethics and Conflict of Interest Practices Bidding Requirements?

Posted on 2016 Nov 07 by

As a construction company that actively bids and works on larger infrastructure projects, you will likely be required to provide a signed certification in response to future Requests for Qualifications (RFQs) to confirm that you have effective policies in place regarding conflicts of interest[1] and ethical[2] bidding practices. In such cases, you will be required…

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Inadvisable to cull client list before selling business

Posted on 2016 Feb 10 by

Although some say it is a good idea to clean up your client list prior to listing your business for sale, a wholesale cleanup is likely to raise red flags for potential purchasers, says Toronto forensic accountant and chartered business valuator Patricia Harris. “You shouldn’t just say, ‘OK, I’ve decided to sell my business so…

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Fraud risk increases when one employee controls finances

Posted on 2015 Sep 23 by

Recent reports alleging that an accountant defrauded a Toronto-area company of more than $1 million highlight the risks of granting financial authority to one employee without sufficient oversight, says Toronto forensic accountant Patricia Harris. As Global News reports, York Regional Police fraud officers have charged a woman suspected of defrauding her former employer of more than $1.2 million in August…

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Managing Real Estate Holdings through Sound Property Management

Posted on 2015 Mar 10 by

Over the last several years, our buoyant economy has contributed to a run-up in prices of real estate held for investment purposes. Since good real estate deals are harder to come by, property investors are turning to maximizing the value of their current real estate holdings through quality property management. A good property management company…

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