Author: Patricia Harris

Five Good Reasons Why You Need Your Succession Plan Blueprint

Patricia Harris • July 22, 2019
Patricia HarrisIn our experience, privately held real estate and construction businesses typically own, manage and operate the business through an extended family. Fathers, sons, daughters, siblings, cousins, uncles and grandparents take on varied roles within the business. Other family members may be passive owners. As your property investments diversify, you ne ... Read More

Fraud Risk Assessments: An Ounce of Prevention Could Save Your Business

Fraud Risk Assessments
Patricia Harris • July 08, 2019
Patricia HarrisIf left unchecked, fraud can devastate a business. Although many businesses believe they have adequate controls to minimize the risk of fraud, employee theft is still prevalent across all industries. As such, we cannot overstate just how important it is for a business to assess their level of exposure to fraudulent activities. ... Read More

The First Steps to Start a Forensic Investigation

forensic accounting Toronto
Patricia Harris • May 13, 2019
Patricia HarrisYou think you notice some missing funds. Your books just don’t seem to add up. The employee in charge of your finances has purchased a number of big-ticket items that they shouldn’t be able to afford. There are many reasons why you might require a forensic accountant, but regardless of what you’ve found, who you ... Read More

Protecting Your Interests in a Shareholder Dispute

Shareholder Dispute Toronto
Patricia Harris • November 26, 2018
Patricia HarrisShareholder disputes with your Toronto business can arise for a number of reasons. There could be disagreements over the direction of the business, dishonesty on the part of controlling or minority shareholders, discrepancies in compensation, or a number of other causes. When becoming a shareholder in a company and if involved in a shareholder disp ... Read More

How Can Two Expert Business Valuators Reach Different Conclusions of Value for the Same Company?

Patricia Harris • June 13, 2018
Patricia HarrisOn the surface, the concept of business valuation may seem simple. After all, it’s a mathematical value; numbers are supposed to be constant and infallible. So why, in certain cases, are valuations of the same business significantly different? ... Read More