Author: Patricia Harris

Protecting Your Construction Company From Fraud

Patricia Harris • September 16, 2019
Patricia HarrisYou will never be able to completely protect your company from fraud. Unfortunately, fraud is and has always been a reality of doing business. If, however, you are aware of the common risks and red flags related to occupational fraud, and implement proper controls within your business, you can significantly reduce your risk. ... Read More

Loss of Profits Damage Quantification – A Method to the Madness

Patricia Harris • September 09, 2019
Patricia HarrisThe subcontractor that you hired on a project is suing you for non-payment. Even though the case has been going on for over a year, you still can’t believe the nerve. The amount of money that they cost you in delays, replacement materials and additional fees was extensive and led to their ultimate termination from ... Read More

Construction Tender Disputes – Supporting the Damages Calculation

Patricia Harris • August 19, 2019
Patricia HarrisIn the construction industry, a tender process is a common way to choose a service provider. Typically, the lowest bid that meets the criteria wins, and the project gets underway without issue. However, situations may arise in which a bidder claims that they were unsuccessful due to the alleged actions of the tendering company. If ... Read More

Five Good Reasons Why You Need Your Succession Plan Blueprint

Patricia Harris • July 22, 2019
Patricia HarrisIn our experience, privately held real estate and construction businesses typically own, manage and operate the business through an extended family. Fathers, sons, daughters, siblings, cousins, uncles and grandparents take on varied roles within the business. Other family members may be passive owners. As your property investments diversify, you ne ... Read More

Fraud Risk Assessments: An Ounce of Prevention Could Save Your Business

Fraud Risk Assessments
Patricia Harris • July 08, 2019
Patricia HarrisIf left unchecked, fraud can devastate a business. Although many businesses believe they have adequate controls to minimize the risk of fraud, employee theft is still prevalent across all industries. As such, we cannot overstate just how important it is for a business to assess their level of exposure to fraudulent activities. ... Read More