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Business Accounting Solutions to Streamline Your Year-End

Posted on 2016 Dec 19 by

There are a number of benefits to streamlining the internal accounting processes for your business. The most obvious benefit is the reduction in time required to prepare the necessary information for your corporate year end, thereby making the process much more efficient and cost-effective. Streamlining your accounting processes can also mitigate redundancies and needless complications…

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Growing Your Practice: Patient Retention Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line

Posted on 2016 May 05 by

New patients are essential to growing a successful practice, however many marketing programs are expensive, and have mixed success. Practice growth from existing patients is often overlooked, yet generates the best returns. When it comes to existing patients, systems are needed to capture every potential dollar. Studies show that the top 30% of patients contribute…

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Why Cash Flow Matters in Your Business (More Than You Think)

Posted on 2015 Feb 27 by

Business owners traditionally evaluate the financial performance of their company based on net income, making continuous efforts to improve the bottom line by generating new sales and trimming costs. The common assumption among business owners is that in order to gain approval from bankers and other key stakeholders, strong profitability — in the form of…

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