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Wealth Management and Family Values: The Importance of Communication in High-Net-Worth Families

Posted on 2018 Jan 19 by

When it comes to effectively protecting, managing, and building your wealth, open lines of communication and a solid understanding amongst family members is key. A full-service Family Office can serve as a facilitator of meaningful discussions to ensure family values are fully aligned with your fiscal objectives. Open communication with your family can help to…

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4 Signs You Need Family Office Services

Posted on 2017 Nov 20 by

The Canadian economy has been thriving recently, and more specifically, the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton regions have been experiencing a particularly prosperous period. The markets are strong, unemployment is low, and businesses are growing. While this is an excellent sign for business owners, investors, and high-income professionals, it also means there may be many…

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Why Toronto’s High-Worth Individuals Need Personal Wealth Management

Posted on 2017 Aug 25 by

Toronto is thriving, as is the economy in general. Today, there are a greater number of high net-worth individuals and families than ever before, and the specific circumstances of each individual are unique. Whether you’re from a legacy of wealth or have achieved affluence more recently, your financial needs are likely quite complex and diverse….

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Do You Have a High Net-Worth? Family Office Services Can Help.

Posted on 2017 Feb 06 by

When your wealth reaches a certain threshold, your personal finances can become as complex as those of any business. It’s common for high net-worth individuals and their families to have a number of financial advisors to manage various aspects of their overall portfolio, often representing several different organizations. While it is important to have the…

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Making Your Financial Windfall Last a Lifetime

Posted on 2016 Feb 05 by

There are four main events that create a financial windfall: sale of business, lottery win, inheritance, or high net worth divorce situation. Many people who come into a large sum, say $5 million dollars or more, may not have the necessary experience to handle this sudden influx of capital. In fact, according to the National…

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RRSPs & TFSAs: Deadlines and Limits

Posted on 2016 Jan 25 by

Just a reminder that the RRSP deadline is approaching. Also, the TFSA limit has been adjusted for 2016. Here’s what you need to know: -The 2015 RRSP contribution deadline is February 29, 2016 -The 2015 RRSP maximum contribution limit is $24,930 -To determine your 2015 RRSP contribution limit, check your 2014 Notice of Assessment -The 2016…

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RRSPs & TFSAs: Deadlines and Limits

Posted on 2015 Feb 03 by

Are you ready? The 2014 RRSP contribution deadline is fast approaching! Here are the 2014 RRSP deadlines and contribution limits you need to know: – The 2014 RRSP contribution deadline is March 2, 2015– The 2014 RRSP maximum contribution limit is $24,270– To determine your 2014 RRSP contribution limit, check your 2013 Notice of Assessment Here…

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