Author: Sloan Levett

Is It Time to Explore if Family Office Services are Right for You?

Sloan Levett • May 29, 2018
Sloan LevettManaging your wealth can be a job in and of itself. After all, it is a precious and finite resource, and like any resource, wealth takes time and expertise to manage efficiently. When your personal wealth reaches a certain threshold, your wealth management needs may become significantly more complex. ... Read More

Wealth Management and Family Values: The Importance of Communication in High-Net-Worth Families

Sloan Levett • January 19, 2018
Sloan LevettWhen it comes to effectively protecting, managing, and building your wealth, open lines of communication and a solid understanding amongst family members is key. A full-service Family Office can serve as a facilitator of meaningful discussions to ensure family values are fully aligned with your fiscal objectives. Open communication with your family ... Read More

4 Signs You Need Family Office Services

Sloan Levett • November 20, 2017
Sloan LevettThe Canadian economy has been thriving recently, and more specifically, the Greater Toronto Area and Hamilton regions have been experiencing a particularly prosperous period. The markets are strong, unemployment is low, and businesses are growing. While this is an excellent sign for business owners, investors, and high-income professionals, it also ... Read More

Why Toronto’s High-Worth Individuals Need Personal Wealth Management

Sloan Levett • August 25, 2017
Sloan LevettToronto is thriving, as is the economy in general. Today, there are a greater number of high net-worth individuals and families than ever before, and the specific circumstances of each individual are unique. Whether you’re from a legacy of wealth or have achieved affluence more recently, your financial needs are likely quite complex and diver ... Read More

Do You Have a High Net-Worth? Family Office Services Can Help.

Sloan Levett • February 06, 2017
Sloan LevettWhen your wealth reaches a certain threshold, your personal finances can become as complex as those of any business. It’s common for high net-worth individuals and their families to have a number of financial advisors to manage various aspects of their overall portfolio, often representing several different organizations. While it is important to ... Read More