Benefits of succession planning: Defining a management transition strategy

Bruce Roher • March 07, 2017

Succession planning yields a number of benefits that can greatly increase the longevity and viability of a business. In this post, we will focus on one benefit in particular: How an effective succession plan can help shape your management transition strategy and protect your business.

A ‘management transition strategy’ is a plan to ensure that a suitable replacement candidate is identified and appointed, with minimal disruption to the operations of a business, in case of the loss of a major leadership figure. An effective strategy will consider both anticipated and unexpected leadership departures.

How a Succession Plan’s Management Transition Strategy Helps

A management transition strategy involves a comprehensive assessment of the leadership needs of your business and the required qualifications of an appropriate successor. The transition strategy will address any training or mentorship requirements to prepare a potential successor, prior to the anticipated loss of a leader (i.e. due to retirement).  It will also outline a contingency plan in the event of an unexpected loss of leadership (i.e. due to illness or death), to ensure the continued operation of your business while an appropriate successor is found and trained.

Your management transition strategy should include an established plan to clearly communicate who will assume the leadership role of the business upon the owner’s departure. This plan can help avoid potential disputes and power struggles – particularly in family businesses. Such disputes can be devastating to the continuity of a business, as they may result in expensive and lengthy litigation, and may cause a leadership vacuum that puts the business at risk.

Perhaps, most importantly, a successful management transition strategy helps to secure your continued legacy, by ensuring that the direction of the business remains strong after the leader’s departure.

This provides ongoing stability for all key stakeholders including employees, shareholders, customers, bankers, and suppliers.

The best time to plan for your succession is now. For more information, or to get started, contact one of our succession planning experts, today.


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