Is it time to explore if a Family Office is right for you?

Sloan Levett • May 29, 2018

Managing your wealth can be a job in and of itself. After all, it is a precious and finite resource, and like any resource, wealth takes time and expertise to manage efficiently. When your personal wealth reaches a certain threshold, your wealth management needs may become significantly more complex. Our Family Office is the solution to your evolving needs.

But how do you know when your needs have reached the point where a Family Office will be valuable?

You have significant sums of idle money

The expression “put your money to work for you” isn’t just clever imagery. Wealth represents opportunities and earning potential, particularly when that wealth has been amassed in significant quantity. If your wealth is sitting idle in an account, you are actually losing a considerable amount of potential revenue.

Your Family Office team will tailor a financial strategy to your own personal goals, whether you’re looking to accumulate more wealth for yourself or build a legacy for future generations.

You already have multiple advisors

Those who could benefit from a Family Office often already work with several financial advisors. Personal accountants, investment advisors, financial planners, and legal advisors are often engaged to support the growing needs of successful individuals, each with their own independent role and mandate.

Having multiple skilled professionals providing advice in their respective areas of expertise can be beneficial, but problems can often arise, such as mis-aligned priorities or a lack of inter-communication. Your Family Office will quarterback this team to ensure that your advisors and financial professionals are all working towards the same goal, using strategies that support each others’ efforts rather than working against them.

Can I keep my personal accountant or investment advisor and still benefit from our Family Office?

Absolutely. Our Family Office team regularly works with professional advisors whom our clients already know and trust. In such situations, we communicate and collaborate with your existing financial team to manage, grow, and protect your wealth.

Are you ready to take your wealth management to the next level? Contact us today for a complimentary consultation to explore if our Family Office is right for you.


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