Introduction to our team: Ellis Orlan, Principal

Fuller Landau team • June 20, 2018

I’m Ellis Orlan, a Partner at Fuller Landau. Before joining the firm, I was a partner in a mid-sized accounting firm for many years. You know, it’s not easy making a transition later in one’s career, but when it’s the right fit and it feels right, it’s well worth the effort!

Q: What is different about Fuller Landau?
EO: It’s all about the culture here. The culture is so easy-going and collaborative, more than I ever experienced at any other firm in my career. Upon joining Fuller Landau, I received such a warm reception from the get go. Everyone was so gracious and sincere, making the transition literally stress-free, and most importantly, making me feel comfortable at all times. I felt right at home from the start and most importantly for my clients, it was a seamless transition!

Q: What do you like about Fuller Landau?
EO: Again, it all goes back to the culture. I’ve had the unconditional support of my partners and staff from day one, all while having the autonomy to do what I do best, which is to focus on providing second to none client service and business development. I have total piece of mind knowing, that my clients are being well taken care of by the amazingly talented and dedicated Fuller Landau team at all times. That is critical to providing the best possible service, day in and day out!

The firm is excellent at recognizing people’s strengths, and that’s what makes Fuller Landau such a unique place to practice. Because of that, my clients are happy, I’m thrilled, business is booming, and the firm continues to flourish. A win-win scenario all around!

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