Protecting your legacy: The importance of wealth management

Fuller Landau team • September 12, 2016

Wealth carries with it a unique set of burdens: the more you have, the easier it is to mismanage, and the more costly any wealth management mistake becomes. Diversified investments, complex tax planning issues, generational wealth transfers—the list of financial (and non-financial) concerns goes on.

Whether you’ve come upon your wealth through hard work, exceptional talent, or fortunate circumstance, you want that money to be a benefit, not a burden.

Our Family Office Team Provides Expert Wealth Management Services

With the Fuller Landau Family Office by your side, you can rest assured that your wide-ranging and complex wealth-related issues are being addressed and managed effectively by one central, objective team through an integrated and highly customized offering.

Services include:

  • Investment advice and portfolio management, to determine the right asset allocation mix of traditional and non-traditional investments for meeting your short and long-term financial goals
  • Tax planning and compliance, to make sure you’re paying the required taxes to keep the CRA at bay, while employing all applicable tax minimization strategies and claiming all the benefits and deductions to which you are entitled
  • Wills, estate planning, and succession planning, to ensure that your family is well taken care of, and that your wealth is secure for generations to come
  • Financial administration to manage and consolidate your investment portfolios and help you keep track of your finances through budgeting, bookkeeping, and cash flow management

With all of your wealth management needs taken care of by one integrated and objective advisory team, we’re able to offer the potential for significant reductions in service fees through consolidation and relationship pricing. Fuller Landau’s Family Office gives you the freedom to spend more time enjoying your wealth, and less time managing it.

To learn more about the customized services and solutions offered at Fuller Landau, visit our Family Office page, or contact us today.


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