3 Ways a Spouse May Attempt to Reduce Income to Lower Support in Matrimonial Matters

Bruce Roher • September 18, 2017 Bruce RoherAs business valuators and forensic accountants, we are frequently asked to assess the “true” income of a spouse in divorce matters. The payor spouse may present a reduced income with the objective of paying less support. This blog sets out three ways that a spouse may attempt to reduce income: 1. Not Distributing Income Earned ... Read more

How Business Valuations Help You Maximize Profit When Selling Your Business

Bruce Roher • August 07, 2017 Bruce RoherWhether you’re looking to sell your business or you’re considering an unsolicited offer, one of your first steps should be to obtain a professional business valuation. A business valuation provides a snapshot of the value of your business, which can give you a sense of the amount you can expect to receive, or help you ... Read more

Litigation Support and Business Valuations in High Net Worth Matrimonial Disputes

Ohran Gobrin • June 27, 2017 Ohran GobrinEver hear of a quick, fair, and even-handed divorce? Me neither! Divorces by their very nature tend to be emotionally charged and contentious. The conflicts that ended the marriage quite often continue to simmer, resulting in a lengthy battle over what constitutes a fair settlement. If you own a business, the value of your company ... Read more

Preparing Your Business for Sale: Cash Flow Projections for Business Valuations

Bruce Roher • March 01, 2017 Bruce RoherPreparing your business for sale involves much more than sprucing up its curb appeal and the cleanliness of the office or plant. While these factors are important in creating a positive first impression, there is a substantial amount of planning that should take place well in advance of exposing the business for sale. In addition ... Read more

What Happens To Your Business In a Divorce? Can Business Advisory Services Help?

Bruce Roher • February 20, 2017 Bruce RoherIf you own your business and are either considering marriage or facing divorce, it is important to understand exactly how a divorce can impact the value of your business asset. The business advisory services team at Fuller Landau can ensure that you have a snapshot of your business value prior to entering into a marriage, ... Read more



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