How do I Normalize My Financial Statements for Business Valuation & Sale?

Bruce Roher • January 09, 2017 Bruce RoherOne of the most important sources of information that prospective buyers will use, when considering a potential purchase of your business, is your company’s financial statements.  If they are unaudited, it is highly advisable to upgrade the quality of the financial statements to an audit for at least three years prior to listing your business ... Read more

Gauging Your Worth: Valuation of Your Business

Bruce Roher • December 05, 2016 Bruce RoherIt is commonly known that a business valuation is required when selling a business, but it is also important to have on hand for many other reasons, including to determine the buy-in price for an additional owner, to help plan your exit strategy, and to deal with a divorce or shareholder dispute issue. Although a ... Read more

Inadvisable to cull client list before selling business

Fuller Landau Team • February 10, 2016 Although some say it is a good idea to clean up your client list prior to listing your business for sale, a wholesale cleanup is likely to raise red flags for potential purchasers, says Toronto forensic accountant and chartered business valuator Patricia Harris. “You shouldn’t just say, ‘OK, I’ve decided to sell my business ... Read more

How Do You Calculate the Equalization Payment in a Divorce in Ontario?

Ohran Gobrin • November 09, 2015 Ohran GobrinQ: In matrimonial cases, what is the first step to calculating the equalization payment in Ontario? OG: In a divorce proceeding, the first step to calculating the equalization payment is to complete a “Form 13.1 Financial Statement.” The form has 2 parts: the first part of the form itemizes your income and expenses. Disclosure must include ... Read more

5 Things to Know Before Hiring a Valuation Expert/Forensic Accountant for a Divorce

Fuller Landau Team • November 02, 2015 Q: You have identified 5 key things to consider when hiring a valuation expert / forensic accountant in a divorce. What are they? PH: When you are considering hiring a business valuator you will want to know five things: 1. the potential valuator’s experience, 2. the type of expert report you need, 3. the process that ... Read more



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