Managing Real Estate Holdings through Sound Property Management

Fuller Landau Team • March 10, 2015 Over the last several years, our buoyant economy has contributed to a run-up in prices of real estate held for investment purposes. Since good real estate deals are harder to come by, property investors are turning to maximizing the value of their current real estate holdings through quality property management. A good property management company ... Read more

Taking the Measure of Your Business

Fuller Landau Team • February 05, 2015 Thinking of selling? It pays to first know what you’re worth. As a trucking business owner it’s critically important to know how much you’re worth. Why? A few key reasons: you may want to sell one day; or maybe just plan for retirement. Perhaps you’re planning your estate and/or succession; maybe you’d like to take ... Read more

Five Steps to Maximize the Value of Your Business

Bruce Roher • March 14, 2012 Bruce RoherPreparing your business for sale means much more than sprucing up its curb appeal and improving the organization and cleanliness of the plant. Clearly, these are important factors to create a positive first impression. However, there is a substantial amount of planning that should take place well in advance of exposing the business for sale. ... Read more



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