Tax alert: Proposed changes to the taxation of capital gains

Amaan Datoo • May 23, 2024 The 2024 federal budget delivered on April 16, 2024, proposed significant changes as to how capital gains will be taxed for capital gains realized on or after June 25, 2024. Budget 2024 proposes to increase the portion of the capital gain that is taxable from half, or 50 per cent, to two-thirds for Canadian corporations ... Read more

Federal budget 2024

Fuller Landau team • April 17, 2024 On April 16, 2024, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland delivered the 2024 federal budget, which was titled “Fairness For Every Generation”. The Minister presented the Budget as the government’s plan, “to build a Canada that works better for every generation, where you can get ahead, where your hard work pays off, ... Read more

Non-resident rental income: What are the tax obligations?

Fuller Landau team • December 14, 2023 If you are a non-resident who earns rental income, you must meet certain tax obligations with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). The income you earn from rental properties is subject to tax under Part XIII of the Income Tax Act (Canada). Rents earned by Non-residents are subject to tax under Part XIII at a rate ... Read more

New trust reporting rules now in effect

Fuller Landau team • November 23, 2023 The federal government announced new trust reporting rules in the 2018 Federal Budget to improve the collection of beneficial ownership information with respect to trusts. The rules were introduced to effectively counter aggressive tax avoidance as well as tax evasion, money laundering, and other criminal activities relating to trusts. The new trus ... Read more

Which path forward is right for your business?

Fuller Landau team • October 26, 2023 The past few years have significantly impacted many businesses, in many cases disrupting even the best laid plans. As society moves towards a semblance of normalcy, many owners are finding themselves at a crossroads in terms of planning a future path for their businesses. Perhaps that path is investing to sustain operations or spur growth. ... Read more


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