Top four tax and accounting mistakes made by entrepreneurs

Ellis Orlan • July 06, 2022 Let’s face it – as a business owner, your time is a precious commodity. You’ve got a business to run and grow, and your time is not best served brushing up on the latest business accounting rules and regulations. But accounting is an important function in every business, and any one of these tax or accounting mistakes ... Read more

How could your business benefit from a tax advisor, year-round?

Gordon Jessup • September 13, 2018 All too often we think of corporate tax advisors as a once-a-year requirement, brought in at the conclusion of the corporate year end to prepare financial statements and corporate tax returns. While they can definitely add value at year end, there are a number of other ways that a corporate tax advisor in Toronto and ... Read more

Five tips for filing business tax returns

Bennie Esposto • March 22, 2018 Ben Franklin famously said that “nothing is certain but death and taxes”. We’ve already explored how to prepare your business for future succession, in a series of posts (ownership transitions, management transitions, and formalized corporate governance), so now it’s fitting that we offer tips to help you to prepare for business ... Read more

Federal budget 2018 – refundable dividend tax on hand

Fuller Landau team • February 28, 2018 The February 27, 2018 Federal Budget proposes changes to the refundable dividend tax on hand (RDTOH) regime. Currently, the goal of the Canadian tax system is to achieve integration between the shareholder and the private corporation. Generally, this means that no matter how income is taxed in the corporation, by the time the income is in ... Read more

Federal budget 2018 – passive income

Fuller Landau team • February 28, 2018 One of the most anticipated aspects of the 2018 Federal Budget was the changes to the taxation of passive investments held within a private Canadian owned corporation. The Budget release, to much relief, has proposed a simplified approach for the taxation of passive income earned inside a private corporation. The new proposed measures will be ... Read more


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