Forensic Accounting

Fraud Risk Assessments: An Ounce of Prevention Could Save Your Business

Fraud Risk AssessmentsPatricia Harris • July 08, 2019 Patricia HarrisIf left unchecked, fraud can devastate a business. Although many businesses believe they have adequate controls to minimize the risk of fraud, employee theft is still prevalent across all industries. As such, we cannot overstate just how important it is for a business to assess their level of exposure to fraudulent activities. ... Read More

The First Steps to Start a Forensic Investigation

forensic accounting TorontoPatricia Harris • May 13, 2019 Patricia HarrisYou think you notice some missing funds. Your books just don’t seem to add up. The employee in charge of your finances has purchased a number of big-ticket items that they shouldn’t be able to afford. There are many reasons why you might require a forensic accountant, but regardless of what you’ve found, who you ... Read More

Advice From a Toronto Forensic Accounting Firm: How to Minimize The Risk of Fraud in Your Business

Forensic Accounting TorontoBruce Roher • November 29, 2018 Bruce RoherWe all want to trust that our employees are not capable of fraud. However, faith in the character of your team is simply not an adequate fraud control for a business of any size. Our Toronto Forensic Accounting team has assembled some simple strategies to help you minimize your risk of exposure and loss: 1. ... Read More

Hot-Tubbing in Cross-Border Litigation

Bruce Roher • September 19, 2017 Bruce RoherCanadian and US businesses are expanding their reach into each other’s jurisdictions, often taking on new partners. As a result, shareholder disputes can arise, which can lead to cross-border litigation. As an expert witness in the areas of business valuation, economic damages, and forensic accounting, I have found that pre-trial hot-tubbing is o ... Read More

3 Ways a Spouse May Attempt to Reduce Income to Lower Support in Matrimonial Matters

Bruce Roher • September 18, 2017 Bruce RoherAs business valuators and forensic accountants, we are frequently asked to assess the “true” income of a spouse in divorce matters. The payor spouse may present a reduced income with the objective of paying less support. This blog sets out three ways that a spouse may attempt to reduce income: 1. Not Distributing Income Earned ... Read More