To tell the truth: Damages in breach of duty of honest performance

Bruce Roher • January 29, 2024 As set out in the 2020 Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) case of C.M. Callow Inc. v Zollinger (“Callow”), the duty of honest performance of a contract requires that parties must not lie or otherwise misled each other about matters directly linked to the performance of the contract.[1] This article will review the method by ... Read more

Reducing the risk of business fraud

Bruce Roher • July 21, 2022 Employees are entrusted to safeguard and control bank accounts, receivables, inventory, and the books and records of the company. While most employees will never abuse this trust, those who do commit fraud schemes can cause organizations to suffer significant financial losses. Fraud perpetrated by employees is known as “occupational fraud”. The ... Read more

The examined life: proving a spouse has been living beyond their disclosed means

Matthew Downey • November 10, 2021 As Chartered Business Valuators (CBV), we often hear allegations that a spouse has not fully disclosed their assets or income in a family law proceeding. The failure to fully disclose assets can lead to an unequal division of net family property and non-disclosure of income sources could result in inequitable child and spousal support payment ... Read more

You suspect fraud – how a forensic accountant can help with your investigation

Bruce Roher • March 04, 2021 Your bookkeeper has informed you of suspicious entries in your company’s records. You suspect that a member of your finance team has misappropriated funds and transferred merchandise to their own company. What should you do? The first step is to inform your corporate counsel of the events that have taken place. This may result in ... Read more

Protecting your construction company from fraud

Fuller Landau team • September 16, 2019 You will never be able to completely protect your company from fraud. Unfortunately, fraud is and has always been a reality of doing business. If, however, you are aware of the common risks and red flags related to occupational fraud, and implement proper controls within your business, you can significantly reduce your risk. ... Read more


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