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2015 Federal Budget Analysis Podcast

Posted on 2015 Apr 22 by

The Minister of Finance Joe Oliver presented his first Federal Budget in the House of Commons yesterday (April 21). This is the Conservative Government’s final budget before an election later this year. Many incentives in the budget actually do not come into effect until 2016 and later, which means the Conservatives will need to be…

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Managing Real Estate Holdings through Sound Property Management

Posted on 2015 Mar 10 by

Over the last several years, our buoyant economy has contributed to a run-up in prices of real estate held for investment purposes. Since good real estate deals are harder to come by, property investors are turning to maximizing the value of their current real estate holdings through quality property management. A good property management company…

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Non-Resident Investing in Canadian Real Estate – Keep the Taxman in Mind

Posted on 2015 Mar 02 by

Canada has long been an attractive destination for foreign investors looking for a stable environment to invest in real estate. What many non-resident investors may not realize are the tax compliance requirements associated with owning Canadian real property. Earning Rental Income from Canadian Real Property Withholding tax is imposed on the gross amount of rent…

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Why Cash Flow Matters in Your Business (More Than You Think)

Posted on 2015 Feb 27 by

Business owners traditionally evaluate the financial performance of their company based on net income, making continuous efforts to improve the bottom line by generating new sales and trimming costs. The common assumption among business owners is that in order to gain approval from bankers and other key stakeholders, strong profitability — in the form of…

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5 Succession Planning Tips

Posted on 2015 Feb 06 by

A solid company succession plan not only helps you sleep nights; it’s also a retention and motivation tool. It is important to consider the emotional consequences of these decisions as they can affect how smoothly the transition occurs. You know that building a trucking business requires hard work, dedication and sacrifice. And that’s exactly why…

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Taking the Measure of Your Business

Posted on 2015 Feb 05 by

 Thinking of selling? It pays to first know what you’re worth. As a trucking business owner it’s critically important to know how much you’re worth. Why? A few key reasons: you may want to sell one day; or maybe just plan for retirement. Perhaps you’re planning your estate and/or succession; maybe you’d like to take…

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What You Need To Know About American State Tax Nexus

Posted on 2015 Feb 04 by

By Frank Casciaro and Holly Haber It’s no secret that since the financial market meltdown of 2008, state governments have been looking to increase revenues by stepping up efforts to find non-compliant domestic and foreign taxpayers through state tax nexus requirements. If a company is deemed to have nexus in a given state, it is…

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