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Toronto Audit Firm Answers: How Do I Know What Level of Assurance is Needed?

David D'Cruz • November 15, 2018 David D'CruzThere are three basic types of assurance engagement for year-end financial statements: the Notice to Reader (NTR), the Review, and the Audit, each of which vary in terms of cost, thoroughness, and level of assurance. So for what sort of engagement should you ask your Toronto audit firm? To help you understand the three levels ... Read More

Tax Me If You Can: Remaining in Compliance with the Canadian Cross-Border Tax

Canadian Cross-Border TaxJeffrey Brown • November 09, 2018 Jeffrey BrownIn the shadow of the recent Wayfair decision, more and more Canadian remote sellers now have to deal with state and local sales tax collection responsibilities. All too many are still thinking they can play the catch me if you can game, erroneously citing the US Canada Tax Treaty or assuming the states can’t or ... Read More

How Could Your Business Benefit from a Corporate Tax Advisor, Year-Round?

Gordon Jessup • September 13, 2018 Gordon JessupAll too often we think of corporate tax advisors as a once-a-year requirement, brought in at the conclusion of the corporate year end to prepare financial statements and corporate tax returns. While they can definitely add value at year end, there are a number of other ways that a corporate tax advisor in Toronto and ... Read More

5 Considerations When Hiring a Business Valuator

Bruce Roher • July 23, 2018 Bruce RoherThe decision to engage the services of an expert business valuator is an important one. After all, your business is likely your greatest asset, and there is much at stake. But how do you find the best fit for your specific needs? In our latest blog post, we explore 5 considerations to keep in mind, when selecting a business valuator: ... Read More

The 4 Components to a Successful Corporate Restructuring

David Filice • July 16, 2018 David FiliceCorporate restructuring can be a complex, sensitive, and stressful process and must be undertaken with the utmost care. It often represents a major business investment, typically conducted when a company is already in financial distress. So how can you ensure the best outcome for you and your stakeholders? In this blog post, we’ll review the ... Read More