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Personal Tax Credits

Federal Budget 2017 – Personal Tax Credit Changes

Posted on 2017 Mar 23 by

The March 22, 2017 Federal Budget announced several proposed changes to personal tax credits. Here is an overview of a few of the proposed changes that may be of interest: Public Transit Tax Credit Currently, there is a 15% non-refundable tax credit available to individuals, based on the cost of eligible public transit passes, including weekly/monthly/annual passes…

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Federal Budget 2017 – GST/HST Tax Changes

Posted on 2017 Mar 23 by

The Federal Budget of March 22, 2017, announced certain changes to the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST) regarding ride-sharing services and non-resident tourists. Ride-Sharing Services To ensure that ride-sharing businesses are exposed to the same sales tax rules as taxi operators, the definition of a tax business under the Excise Tax Act will…

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Federal Budget 2017 – Tax Planning Using Private Corporations

Posted on 2017 Mar 23 by

The Federal Budget of March 22, 2017, announced the government’s intention of creating a tax system which promotes fairness amongst the Canadian middle class. Tax Planning Using Private Corporations The government has indicated its concern with a number of tax reduction strategies currently being implemented by high-income earners and their corporations, who may be gaining…

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Litigation support

Litigation Support: A Powerful Tool of Corporate Law

Posted on 2017 Mar 20 by

Corporate disputes are often resolved through mediation or negotiation; however, complex and contentious matters may require more formal legal proceedings. Where such disputes involve the quantification of financial loss, the litigation support services of a forensic accountant can be necessary and invaluable. Forensic accountants provide the court with an independent financial expert opinion and also…

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forensic accounting services

Forensic Accounting Services: The ‘Better Safe Than Sorry’ Approach to Fraud Investigations

Posted on 2017 Mar 13 by

Forensic accounting services exist as a means of preventing, identifying, and reducing the risk of fraud. While the more dramatic cases may uncover large sums of missing funds over many years, the ideal approach to forensic accounting is to minimize the risk of fraud before it happens – or identify it as soon as possible….

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business valuation

Preparing Your Business for Sale: Cash Flow Projections for Business Valuations

Posted on 2017 Mar 01 by

Preparing your business for sale involves much more than sprucing up its curb appeal and the cleanliness of the office or plant. While these factors are important in creating a positive first impression, there is a substantial amount of planning that should take place well in advance of exposing the business for sale. In addition…

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compliance services

7 Reasons American Companies are Flocking North to Open Canadian Branches

Posted on 2017 Feb 27 by

Conducting business and expanding on an international stage has become increasingly difficult to navigate, with complex and ever-changing tax requirements, regulations, and legislation. This places a huge burden on companies that are looking to do business across borders. At Fuller Landau, we provide international tax planning and compliance services to foreign-owned businesses coming to Canada…

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