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Introduction to Our Team: Ellis Orlan (Principal)

Fuller Landau Team • June 20, 2018 I’m Ellis Orlan, a Partner at Fuller Landau. Before joining the firm, I was a partner in a mid-sized accounting firm for many years. You know, it’s not easy making a transition later in one’s career, but when it’s the right fit and it feels right, it’s well worth the effort! Q: What is different ... Read More

4 Signs You’re Ready to Outsource Your Bookkeeping to a Toronto Accounting Service

Sabrina Polletti • June 18, 2018 Sabrina PollettiWhen it comes to business, timing can make a world of difference. This is particularly true of the decision to outsource your bookkeeping function. Whether you’re a start-up company that lacks the necessary internal resources, a fast-growing company that has outgrown your existing accounting function, or a foreign-owned company operating in Canad ... Read More

How Can Two Expert Business Valuators Reach Different Conclusions of Value for the Same Company?

Patricia Harris • June 13, 2018 Patricia HarrisOn the surface, the concept of business valuation may seem simple. After all, it’s a mathematical value; numbers are supposed to be constant and infallible. So why, in certain cases, are valuations of the same business significantly different? ... Read More

Is It Time to Explore if Family Office Services are Right for You?

Sloan Levett • May 29, 2018 Sloan LevettManaging your wealth can be a job in and of itself. After all, it is a precious and finite resource, and like any resource, wealth takes time and expertise to manage efficiently. When your personal wealth reaches a certain threshold, your wealth management needs may become significantly more complex. ... Read More

5 Insider’s Tips on Obtaining Financing from the Bank

Laura Couvrette • April 16, 2018 Laura CouvretteAs an audit firm, we are always advising our clients on when they should seek financing and how best to approach lenders. The reasons a business should seek financing will vary, and include supporting growth or expansion, ensuring sufficient working capital, mitigating cash flow fluctuations, dealing with emergency expenses, purchasing or replacing ... Read More