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Business Advice from a Hamilton Accounting Firm: 5 Tips for Filing Business Tax Returns

Bennie Esposto • March 22, 2018 Bennie EspostoBen Franklin famously said that “nothing is certain but death and taxes”. We’ve already explored how to prepare your business for future succession, in a series of posts (ownership transitions, management transitions, and formalized corporate governance), so now it’s fitting that we offer tips to help you to prepare for business ... Read More

Advice from a Toronto Audit Firm: How Giving Back Can Help Your Business

Laura Couvrette • March 02, 2018 Laura CouvretteThere are many reasons for a business to engage in philanthropy: showing gratitude to the community that has contributed to your success, addressing an issue or injustice that is close to your heart, or simply to share your financial resources or time with those less fortunate, among others. However, there is a myth that philanthropy ... Read More

Federal Budget 2018 – Refundable Dividend Tax on Hand

Fuller Landau Team • February 28, 2018 The February 27, 2018 Federal Budget proposes changes to the refundable dividend tax on hand (RDTOH) regime. Currently, the goal of the Canadian tax system is to achieve integration between the shareholder and the private corporation. Generally, this means that no matter how income is taxed in the corporation, by the time the income is in ... Read More

Federal Budget 2018 – Passive Income

Fuller Landau Team • February 28, 2018 One of the most anticipated aspects of the 2018 Federal Budget was the changes to the taxation of passive investments held within a private Canadian owned corporation. The Budget release, to much relief, has proposed a simplified approach for the taxation of passive income earned inside a private corporation. The new proposed measures will be ... Read More

Federal Budget 2018 – Foreign Affiliates

Fuller Landau Team • February 28, 2018 The February 27, 2018 Federal Budget announced several proposed changes with respect to foreign affiliates (non-resident corporations in which the taxpayer has a significant interest). Here’s what you need to know: Filing deadline Currently, the filing deadline of the Form T1134 “Information Return Relating To Controlled and Not-Controlled ... Read More