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State tax surprises could await unwary online vendors

Jeffrey Brown • February 07, 2022 In 2021, the Multistate Tax Commission (MTC) updated its Statement of Information Concerning Practices of the Multistate Tax Commission and Supporting States Under P.L. 86-272 with guidance addressing online activities. For more than 50 years, P.L. 86-272 has limited a state’s ability to impose income tax on an out-of-state vendor that does nothi ... Read more

Audit, review, or compilation: what’s the difference?

Fuller Landau team • January 28, 2022 Year-end financial statements provide a ‘snapshot’ of your business’ finances. However, the level of detail required, and the associated level of reporting, varies considerably based upon the type of engagement. To determine what engagement is appropriate for your business, it is important to understand the difference between the varying leve ... Read more

Investing today – how asset allocation strategies have changed

Jonah Friedman • November 24, 2021 Asset managers have been adapting their traditional asset allocation strategies in response to changing market conditions in recent years. What are these changes and how have they impacted investment strategies? We’ll take a look at some of the ‘traditional’ asset allocation strategies and explain why and how they’ve been modified to help p ... Read more

What are the tax implications of changing your principal residence into a rental property (or vice versa)?

Fuller Landau team • November 16, 2021 A change in use occurs if you convert all or part of your principal residence into a property used to earn income, or vice versa. For example, a taxpayer rents out a room in their home for rental income, or a landlord wants to reside in a property that was previously rented out. Regardless of ... Read more

The examined life: proving a spouse has been living beyond their disclosed means

Matthew Downey • November 10, 2021 As Chartered Business Valuators (CBV), we often hear allegations that a spouse has not fully disclosed their assets or income in a family law proceeding. The failure to fully disclose assets can lead to an unequal division of net family property and non-disclosure of income sources could result in inequitable child and spousal support payment ... Read more


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