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A Perfect Match: Finding the Right Financial Accounting Solutions for Your Business

Posted on 2016 Aug 01 by

The “Inc” business magazine describes an accountant as “someone who solves a problem you didn’t know you had, in a way you don’t understand.” While this is a bit hyperbolic, it does have a note of truth, which raises an important question: If you don’t fully understand the intricacies and complexities of accounting yourself, how…

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Warning Signs of Employee Fraud

Posted on 2016 Jul 13 by

Fraud is a growing problem in many food and beverage businesses. Most organizations only take steps to improve their controls after a fraud has been discovered and the damage has been done. But the good news is that you can reduce the risk of fraud by being aware of the red flags to look out…

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Fuller Landau LLC. Merger with Bennie Esposto CPA

Fuller Landau Welcomes Bennie Esposto & Hamilton Clients

Posted on 2016 Jul 03 by

Excitement is in the air! Fuller Landau has welcomed aboard Bennie Esposto CPA, Professional Corporation, effective July 4th, 2016! After careful consideration, it became clear that the core values of Bennie’s firm matched our own at Fuller Landau: we take pride in our teams’ expertise, place emphasis on proactive and value-added service, and measure our…

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Growing Your Practice: Patient Retention Strategies to Improve Your Bottom Line

Posted on 2016 May 05 by

New patients are essential to growing a successful practice, however many marketing programs are expensive, and have mixed success. Practice growth from existing patients is often overlooked, yet generates the best returns. When it comes to existing patients, systems are needed to capture every potential dollar. Studies show that the top 30% of patients contribute…

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2016 Federal Budget Analysis Podcast

Posted on 2016 Mar 23 by

The Federal Liberals presented their first Federal Budget in the House of Commons yesterday (March 22, 2016).  The budget announced spending for aboriginal communities and infrastructure, as well as making good on their election promise to revamp the tax credits available for middle-class families with children. The larger than expected deficit inherited from the former…

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Non-Resident Employer Certification 

Posted on 2016 Feb 23 by

  As a follow up to our 2015 blog post, the Canadian Federal Budget introduced measures to streamline the Canadian payroll tax withholding requirements for non-resident employers. The budget introduced an exemption to the Regulation 102 requirement for qualifying non-resident employers on payments made to qualifying non-resident employees who meet the following conditions: Is resident…

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Inadvisable to cull client list before selling business

Posted on 2016 Feb 10 by

Although some say it is a good idea to clean up your client list prior to listing your business for sale, a wholesale cleanup is likely to raise red flags for potential purchasers, says Toronto forensic accountant and chartered business valuator Patricia Harris. “You shouldn’t just say, ‘OK, I’ve decided to sell my business so…

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Making Your Financial Windfall Last a Lifetime

Posted on 2016 Feb 05 by

There are four main events that create a financial windfall: sale of business, lottery win, inheritance, or high net worth divorce situation. Many people who come into a large sum, say $5 million dollars or more, may not have the necessary experience to handle this sudden influx of capital. In fact, according to the National…

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Increased Reports of Greater Toronto Area Tax Scams

Posted on 2016 Feb 04 by

York Regional Police are warning the public that there has been an increase in fraudulent activity conducted by phone and/or email. In some instances, the suspects use software to have their number appear to be calling from a police line or even the CRA directly. In one instance, a woman was told she owed $58,000…

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