How the supply chain crisis brings opportunities

Rosanna Lamanna • June 24, 2022 The ongoing supply chain crisis continues to bring challenges for manufacturers and suppliers. Those same challenges can bring opportunities to rethink how food and beverage operations are managed. When the world saw a dramatic change in terms of consumer expectations, buying preferences and behaviours, businesses had to adapt. Many embraced user-f ... Read more

Webinar series: A fork in the road

Fuller Landau team • May 18, 2022 What’s the best path forward for your business when you experience a disruption that leaves you uncertain about where to take it? In this three part Masterclass hosted by Canadian Women in Food, Rosanna Lamanna, Partner, Audit and Accounting, Meghan Haley, Senior Manager, Valuations, and Christina Yam, Manager, Canadian Tax and Estate Plannin ... Read more

Changing trends: The financial impact on food companies

Bruce Roher • March 22, 2021 Many well-established food companies have been impacted by three significant and converging consumer trends over the last few years. First, consumers are eating more meals and snacks at home because of the pandemic. Second, there has been a shift, particularly amongst younger shoppers, to purchase products from local or organic producers. Third, th ... Read more

Healthy eating never cost so much – here’s why

Fuller Landau team • February 24, 2020 If you have strolled up and down the produce aisle of the grocery store over the past year, chances are you’ve noticed that getting your 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables is taking a bigger bite out of your food budget. In fact, Statistics Canada reports that fresh vegetable prices are up a whopping 17% ... Read more

Road to success: The Jonluca difference

Fuller Landau team • February 11, 2020 “It all started in 2010 with two guys, a few chest freezers, and a climate-controlled delivery van,” says Casey Eleusiniotis, President of Jonluca Enterprises. Casey’s father, Angelo, came up with the idea for the business and helped fund the start-up. “I had been in the food distribution industry for more than 30 years and saw ... Read more


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