Commercial real estate in the hybrid working era

Matthew Downey • September 13, 2022 Over the past two years, all indications are that hybrid workplace model adoption is not only growing but will stay a dominant choice for the foreseeable future. This is a result of a number of factors, including the significant investments businesses have made in remote work infrastructure capabilities, and the growing employee demand for choices ... Read more

Data analytics for construction companies

Fuller Landau team • November 18, 2021 Data analytics is the process of extracting, processing, and analyzing large volumes of data to draw observations and conclusions. Construction companies benefit greatly from the use of data analytics.  Transaction data (i.e., the data collected in your accounting and other systems) is analyzed to identify irregularities, potential problems, and i ... Read more

Road to Success: The Daniels Corporation

Fuller Landau team • November 18, 2021 It’s an expansive parcel of land that became known as one of Toronto’s poorest and most run-down neighbourhoods, but in 2006, demolition began to revitalize Regent Park, and The Daniels Corporation was selected as Toronto Community Housing’s development partner to revitalize 53 of the 69-acre community. “It’s a strong and powerful communi ... Read more

QM Environmental

Fuller Landau team • October 15, 2019 Imagine a former uranium mine in the northern reaches of Canada. It’s in a dangerous state of disrepair – the buildings are dilapidated, and the structural integrity is highly compromised. Hazardous materials are rampant throughout the site, and the risk of radiation exposure is perilously high. Toxins have seeped into the surrounding soil and ... Read more

Empty spaces

Andy Yap • October 02, 2019 In boom and bust real estate markets alike, landlords are constantly challenged by changing trends. Vacancies in retail space are commonplace, even in the most sought-after neighbourhoods. If you take a walk around your area, it is likely you will notice properties that have been vacant for months. It begs the question, why do spaces ... Read more


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