Every business has a unique story to tell, and every story offers a lesson to learn. Be inspired by our clients and their stories.

Road to Success: The Daniels Corporation

Fuller Landau team It’s an expansive parcel of land that became known as one of Toronto’s poorest and most run-down neighbourhoods, but in 2006, demolition began to revitalize Regent Park, and The Daniels Corporation was selected as Toronto Community Housing’s development partner to revitalize 53 of the 69-acre community. “It’s a strong and powerful communi ... Read more

Road to success: The Jonluca difference

Fuller Landau team “It all started in 2010 with two guys, a few chest freezers, and a climate-controlled delivery van,” says Casey Eleusiniotis, President of Jonluca Enterprises. Casey’s father, Angelo, came up with the idea for the business and helped fund the start-up. “I had been in the food distribution industry for more than 30 years and saw ... Read more

QM Environmental

Fuller Landau team Imagine a former uranium mine in the northern reaches of Canada. It’s in a dangerous state of disrepair – the buildings are dilapidated, and the structural integrity is highly compromised. Hazardous materials are rampant throughout the site, and the risk of radiation exposure is perilously high. Toxins have seeped into the surrounding soil and ... Read more

D&S Meats

Fuller Landau team The world works in mysterious ways, and sometimes things just happen for a reason. Dan Milanovic couldn’t agree more. The eldest son of two hard-working immigrants from the former Yugoslavia, Dan (and his younger brother Sasha) grew up in the family business. In 1974, his parents Radovan and Ljubica opened a retail butcher shop called ... Read more

Nella Cutlery: A successful family-owned business navigates succession issues

Fuller Landau team In 1950, Antonio Nella made a life-changing decision, moving from his home town in Carisolo, Italy to Canada in search of a better life for his young family. He worked odd jobs in Toronto until he could afford to send for his family to join him. Fortunately, his brother-in-law had emigrated to Buffalo a few ... Read more


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