How Can a Forensic Accountant Help Me In My Divorce?

Q: How does a forensic accountant find hidden assets and income? BR: Forensic accountants have many ways to find hidden assets and income. The first step is to establish and review an overall snapshot of the spouse’s assets and income. This is accomplished by developing a profile of the spouse’s assets and income sources, including ... Learn More

How Executive Compensation Plans Impact Property and Support in a Divorce

Jeffrey Cling Jeffrey Cling • November 16, 2015 Tags:
Q: What are executive compensation plans? JC: Executives receive compensation you would typically expect such as salary, bonus and retirement plans like RRSPs or pensions. Those types of benefits are easy to deal with in family law cases. The challenge occurs when executives receive more complex compensation such as stock options and restricted sh ... Learn More

How Do You Calculate the Equalization Payment in a Divorce in Ontario?

Ohran Gobrin Ohran Gobrin • November 09, 2015 Tags:
Q: In matrimonial cases, what is the first step to calculating the equalization payment in Ontario? OG: In a divorce proceeding, the first step to calculating the equalization payment is to complete a “Form 13.1 Financial Statement.” The form has 2 parts: the first part of the form itemizes your income and expenses. Disclosure must include ... Learn More