Webinar: Preparing to meet your banker: how to get better outcomes

Fuller Landau team • August 06, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all Canadian businesses, creating exciting opportunities for some and leaving others unexpectedly seeking new financing or renegotiating their existing credit agreements. This webinar will delve into the foundational principles behind how lending decisions are made and explore practical strategies and best practices to present your business in the most favourable light to achieve better outcomes with your lender.

Marcus Cote, Director of Business Development, RBC Commercial Lending Group and Rosanna Lamanna, Partner, Audit and Accounting, Fuller Landau LLP team up to demystify how lending decisions are made and how you can prepare for a meeting with your lender to have a better experience, move through the process faster, and get more favourable terms.

Marcus and Rosanna will discuss the following topics:

  • How have financial institutions changed their lending terms and information requirements in response to the pandemic?
  • Understand how lending decisions are made and which key ratios are evaluated.
  • An overview of how security is assessed and why covenants matter.
  • The importance of sharing your business’ operational and financial story with your lender.
  • Preparing your financial reporting package and cash flow forecasts – what should be included?
  • Audit, Review Engagement, Notice To Reader – what’s the difference and when might I need each of them?

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