The Fuller Family: Meet Bruce Roher

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Bruce Roher, Business Advisor

Bruce Roher leads the Business Valuation and Forensic Accounting practice at Fuller Landau, and is considered a well-respected authority in his field, within the legal community.

He earned his excellent reputation over the past 30 years by producing credible reports, testifying as an expert witness in court, and authoring articles for a number of legal pubications.

Bruce is passionate about contributing to the management of the firm, business development, and mentorship of the team.

We sat down with Bruce for a Q&A to find out more about his career and life outside of work.

Q: What is your role at Fuller Landau?

I lead the Business Valuations & Forensic Accounting practice at Fuller Landau, and I actively participate in the firm’s Food & Beverage Niche Group, Management Committee, Marketing Committee, and Growth Committee.

I enjoy being involved in the leadership of the firm and the Business Valuations practice. Our core values are represented by an important acronym “C.L.I.E.N.T.” which stands for  Commitment, Leadership, Integrity, Excellence, Nuturing and Teamwork. I am always seeking new ways to provide our clients with a higher standard of service, while maintaining a supportive work environment to retain top talent.

Q: Many people consider accounting to be mostly about the numbers, but what key ingredient is critical for success in valuations and forensic accounting?

In the valuations and forensic accounting field, credibility is most important. My credibility as an expert witness depends on maintaining independence and objectivity, and ensuring reports are of the highest level of professional standards. If an expert fails to uphold that level of objectivity, the judge’s narrative in the court decision may be critical of the expert’s testimony – which would be detrimental to the case.

Q: What do you enjoy most about the work you do?

Every client situation is unique, and I thrive on the challenge and variety. It is always rewarding to  help a client resolve a dispute – whether it’s a shareholder dispute, divorce, or litigation matter. Providing my clients with a sense of closure and peace of mind is very satisfying.

I also take great pride in contributing to the growth of Fuller Landau, and the development of our team. It’s very rewarding to mentor staff and see their positive contributions to the firm.  I’m extremely proud of the practice we have built.

Q: What is so special about Fuller Landau?

We have an incredible group of talented and knowledgeable people at Fuller Landau. We are very protective of our team-based, entrepreneurial culture, and we make an effort to attract, hire, and retain individuals who share the same values. This is very important as we continue to grow.

From a client perspective, our dedication to quality and value sets us apart, as a firm. We invest in our staff, and provide opportunities for them to evolve and broaden their skills. We work collaboratively as a team to add value to our clients, and this results in a higher standard of service across the board.

Q: What do you do for fun, outside of Fuller Landau?

My favourite hobbies are golf and cooking. I love the personal challenge of always improving my golf game, and the scenery on a golf course is beautiful. I consider myself a “foodie”, and I love to cook and try new restaurants.

In addition, my wife and I enjoy travelling with our children. We believe it is important for them to gain perspective about the world by learning about different people, cultures, and history. Travelling together is a unique bonding experience, and the memories we’ve created over the years are priceless.

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