Advisor Spotlight: Jonas Cohen

Fuller Landau team • April 20, 2017

Meet Jonas Cohen – the most recent addition to the partnership team at Fuller Landau.

When Jonas enters a room, people notice. He has a big personality, and an even bigger roster of appreciative clients and successful transactions. As the leader of our thriving Mergers & Acquisitions, corporate finance, and due diligence practice, he brings an unmatched level of expertise and passion to the role, and to the clients he serves.

With an MBA from the Schulich School of Business, a CPA, CA designation, and over 15 years of experience under his belt, Jonas helps clients make the right decisions when it comes to structuring and executing transactions, and accessing capital markets. Clients value his straight-forward, proactive, results-driven approach, and trust the advice and solutions he provides.

On behalf of the entire team at Fuller Landau, congratulations on the new appointment, Jonas!

Want to know more? We sat down with Jonas for a brief Q&A on what makes him tick, professionally…

What do you enjoy most about the type of work you do?

I enjoy that my work isn’t cookie-cutter – nothing is the same from one day to the next. Each day I have the opportunity to work with different people, different companies, different conditions, and under different circumstances Everything is constantly changing, and I am always being challenged because there is a lesson to be learned with every single deal we make.

How would you describe your client service approach?

I always set well-defined, realistic, clear-cut expectations from the beginning of any engagement. The key is to always be truthful and forthcoming. For example, if a client has an inflated perception of the value of their business, I will be completely honest with them. If there’s a problem with a client, my team and I find out immediately. We never know something too late. When entrepreneurs are considering the sale of their company, things can become very personal and emotionally-driven, so my approach involves constant communication and dialogue. This business is live, not static. It’s all fluid, and it involves a great deal of negotiation. My focus is to ensure we can meet the goals and expectations of our clients, and help them close the transaction.

Why Fuller Landau?

After several years with one of the Big-4 accounting firms, I wanted to be a part of something in a more hands-on and entrepreneurial way. I didn’t join Fuller Landau blindly, though. Just as I advise my clients, I made sure to do my own due diligence first. It’s a firm that has earned a great reputation and many long-term, loyal clients and team members. For me, a mid-market firm is a very gratifying space. My quality of life is better because there is a more realistic balance between work commitments and personal life. At Fuller Landau, I have the opportunity to develop strong, sustainable relationships with clients, while getting involved in the entrepreneurial aspects of running a business and leading a team. It’s been a great ride, and my promotion to partner is only the most recent of many exciting events at Fuller Landau. The past year has been one of our best so far, with a number of milestones, including a second office in Hamilton, a new consumer insolvency division, and steady, ongoing, organic growth of our team and the services we provide. Every day brings a new opportunity, and I enjoy working with such a tight-knit and collaborative group of people.

To learn more about Jonas Cohen, check out his bio here.


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