Fuller Landau launches Consumer Insolvency group

Fuller Landau team • August 27, 2016

Geary & Company Ltd. has joined Fuller Landau, through the launch of our new Consumer Insolvency division.

Shared Values and Client Commitment

At Fuller Landau, we are proud of the reputation we have earned over the years for professional, collaborative, and proactive client service. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to grow strategically by anticipating and responding to market demand, and providing additional value to our existing clients, above and beyond what is expected. As we move forward, we continue to place great emphasis on shared values and professional standards, with anyone we bring on board the Fuller Landau team.

For over 25 years, Geary & Company has proven to be an invaluable resource to thousands of clients in need of personal debt-related services. Their commitment to providing attentive and personal service, and knowledgeable, expert advice, match our own commitment at Fuller Landau. They have amassed an impressive collection of client testimonials and recommendations, and their expertise with personal insolvencies is a perfect complement for the services we already offer on the corporate side.

Fuller Landau Welcomes Tim Geary

Fuller Landau is delighted to bring Tim Geary and his professional staff from Geary & Company on board, as we launch our new Consumer Insolvency division. Consumer debt levels are higher than ever, and we are well-equipped to step in and help with Tim Geary leading the charge.

Since 1990, Tim Geary has provided clients with a sympathetic and deeply personal approach to personal debt. A solid understanding of the stress and anxiety resulting from financial issues, coupled with years of experience and knowledge, has brought Tim and his team to the forefront in the field of consumer insolvency.

Tim Geary and his professional staff will continue operating, under the Fuller Landau name, out of their existing office at 1240 Bay Street. Additional resources for the consumer insolvency division are available at Fuller Landau’s Toronto office, at 151 Bloor Street West.

In order to best serve our consumer insolvency clients, we will provide advice and recommendations on the following options for resolving personal debt:

If you have any questions regarding this exciting development, please contact us for more information, or learn more about our Consumer Insolvency division, here.


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