When you have assets that are worth protecting, you need the services of a qualified accountant. But when those assets reach a certain threshold and are accompanied by a network of advisors and a complex, multi-faceted portfolio, it’s time to leverage the integrated services of a professional Family Office.

Whether you have been the fortunate beneficiary of an inheritance, or have earned your wealth through successful business ventures or investments, your goal is to protect and grow your assets. But as your wealth increases, so too does the complexity of managing it. The team of expert advisors at Fuller Landau can help.

Unlike a traditional private wealth management service offering, Fuller Landau’s Family Office offers a complete solution to all your financial affairs, including investment portfolio advisory, bookkeeping, tax planning and compliance, insurance, philanthropy, and planning for generational wealth transfers – all in one place.

You can benefit from the expertise of Fuller Landau’s Family Office, if:

  • You have multiple advisors (lawyers, bankers, investment advisors, insurance advisors, accountants, tax consultants, and more), but no centralized coordination and management. While these advisors are experts in their own fields, it becomes increasingly important as your wealth grows to ensure there is coordination and oversight amongst your team. Fuller Landau’s Family Office will coordinate and oversee your existing network of advisors, enabling them to collaborate and better manage your wealth, while ensuring that your overall goals and objectives are being met.
  • You don’t have the time or inclination to manage everything yourself. Fuller Landau’s Family Office takes a holistic approach, providing oversight and guidance that ensures your wealth is managed in alignment with your unique goals. This provides peace of mind, thereby allowing you to focus on what matters most to you.
  • You need a comprehensive strategy for growing, maintaining, and transferring wealth. Wealth is not just about growing an investment portfolio. It is about developing a comprehensive plan that begins with a clear understanding of your goals and objectives. After all, your wealth is your livelihood and legacy – you need a trusted advisor to ensure your interests are protected.

Learn more about Fuller Landau’s Family Office, or reach out today to start the conversation.

Did You Know…

  • Fuller Landau’s Family Office is lead by partner Sloan Levett? He joined the firm back in 2004 and considers this his dream job.
  • Unlike banks and wealth management firms, Fuller Landau’s Family Office is truly independent. We don’t receive compensation from any of the third-party providers that we may recommend to you.
  • Fuller Landau’s Family Office is a fully integrated service? We bring to the table any number of our in-house experts in the areas of tax, investments, insurance, administration, and estate and financial planning to develop the best solutions for your needs.

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