As the world’s third largest country, both in size and population, the American influence on business and economic matters across the globe is undeniable. It is the richest and most powerful nation in the world, and its decidedly pro-business climate makes the US an attractive opportunity for many foreign businesses. However, the US tax system can be quite complex with varying rules and regulations across each state.

Fuller Landau’s US tax expertise

Fuller Landau maintains one of the deepest and most experienced US tax practices. Led by Jeffrey Brown , a former CFO from New York City and former Big Four partner with more than 30 years of experience, Fuller Landau advises Canadian individuals and businesses in all aspects of US tax planning and compliance, related to their US holdings. We also help Americans in Canada manage their increasingly complex US individual income tax and foreign financial asset filing requirements.

When making an initial investment into the US, or fixing something that has gone wrong, it is absolutely critical to balance the long-term goals with tax efficiencies and an intimate understanding of the many differences between US and Canadian tax laws. Fuller Landau maintains this uncommon level of expertise right here in Canada.

Often times, the US Canada Tax Treaty provides no protection from the taxing jurisdiction of the 50 states. At the state level, a US treaty return, alone, may not accomplish much, and does nothing to manage sales and use tax. Fuller Landau advises on matters pertaining to state and local income/franchise taxation as well as sales and use tax, the US equivalent of HST. When non-compliance can put an unexpected dent in your gross profit, all Canadian enterprises selling into the US need to understand sales and use tax.

Fuller Landau regularly represents taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service and the state tax authorities. We’ve assisted dozens of Americans with US Streamlined Foreign Offshore disclosures, and many Canadian businesses with state-level voluntary disclosures.

Outside attorneys and accountants trust Fuller Landau to assist with their clients’ initial and ongoing decision making when it comes to US tax. We respect incumbent relationships to the benefit of all stakeholders. Fuller Landau maintains a network of relationships with lawyers throughout the United States who can assist with state specific legal matters. Our affiliated members from the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) also serve as our feet on the ground, across the continental US.

For a comprehensive guide on doing business in the United States, please click here. This information has been provided by our LEA affiliate firms and is available on the Leading Edge Alliance website, here. Fuller Landau is not responsible for the accuracy of the information in the guides and articles published by Leading Edge Alliance or by its member firms. Readers should be advised that the documents contained herein are to provide general information only. Accordingly, the information in the documents is not intended to constitute accounting, tax, legal, investment, consulting or other professional advice or services.  Before making any decision or taking any action, readers should consult a qualified professional advisor.

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