Business Valuation Services for Marital Separation

In a perfect world, a marital separation would be quick, clean, and easy. Unfortunately, this is very seldom the case. And as difficult as the dissolution itself can be, the determination of what constitutes each couple’s ‘fair share’ in the settlement agreement can become quite difficult as well. Where high-value assets are concerned, such as stock options and business ownership, the matter becomes even more complex.

Our Business Valuation Services for Marital Separation exist to make the determination of each party’s ‘fair share’ as easy and transparent as possible.

Reliability is Key

Regardless of whether you’re determining your settlement by negotiation, mediation, or litigation, the reliability of your assessment is a major factor in determining a fair settlement. Not only does a reliable valuation from a respected Chartered Business Valuator grant your position more authority if the separation agreement is scrutinized by a mediator or brought to court, but it also gives both parties peace of mind that they are receiving exactly what is determined to be their fair share in the separation.

At Fuller Landau, we’re proud of the tireless work ethic and first-rate reputation that our valuation team has earned, over the years. To learn more about how to determine the reliability and suitability of a valuator for a marital separation, see our 5 Things to Know video.

Why are Settlements and Dissolution Agreements Complicated?

Contrary to popular belief, dissolution agreements don’t just ‘split everything down the middle’; they require accurate assessments of each component of both parties’ financial situations during 3 different time periods: One valuation as of the date of marriage, one valuation as of the date of separation, and a current valuation.

To learn more about valuation in marital separation, we invite you to see our Frequently Asked Questions video.

Assets That Require Valuation

There are a number of assets which require an accurate valuation from a reliable Chartered Business Valuation professional:

  • Business Ownership
  • Stock Options
  • Assessment of Income (for support purposes)
  • Tracing Funds
  • Net Family Property Statements
  • Property Settlements (assisting in negotiations, calculating tax implications)
  • Review & Critique of Others’ Reports, Assessments, and Valuations
  • Expert Witness Testimony (in the case of dispute)
  • Assistance with Expert Cross-Examination (at trial)
  • Post-Separation Financial Planning

If you are approaching a marital separation and would like to ensure a fair settlement, contact us today.

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