Litigation Support

Your goal is to win cases. The expert you select is a critical component to accomplishing your objective. Your expert needs to be objective, authoritative, and results-driven.

Our goal is to simplify and bring clarity to complex financial issues. As a result, our expert reports are clear, thorough and well-reasoned. Our team can be involved in all stages of a case:

  • Identifying key documents required
  • Early assessment of potential damages
  • Assisting with examinations for discovery
  • Providing expert witness testimony
  • Assisting with cross-examination of other experts

We assist our clients in the determination of economic damages in the following types of litigation:

  • Breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty
  • Shareholder disputes and oppression claims
  • Fraud and forensic accounting investigations
  • Lost profit and other damages quantification matters


For further information on our Litigation Support services, please contact:


Bruce Roher





Patricia Harris




Ohran Gobrin Partner Fuller Landau LLP.

Ohran Gobrin

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