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Our Role


Automotive & Dealerships

Automotive dealerships Consultant to secured lender Monitored operating results, refinancing and recapitalization efforts, vehicle sales activity, and sold out of trust positions of three dealerships
Automotive dealerships Consultant to secured lender Monitored operating results, vehicle sales activity, and sold out of trust positions of two dealerships. Resulted in full repayment of secured lender position
Automotive dealerships Trustee in bankruptcy Fraud investigation concerning sold out of trust positions, conducted BIA examinations, assisted secured creditor in pursuing guarantor

Food & Beverage

Winery and spirit distributor Consultant to secured lender Assessed viability, monitored cash flow, reviewed credibility of financial reporting and systems. Resulted in company successfully restructuring operations and recapitalizing balance sheet
Pita bread manufacturer Consultant to secured lender Reviewed cash flow and monitored CRA payments under forbearance agreement
Confectionary manufacturer Consultant to secured lender Reviewed monthly performance under forbearance agreement. Provided guidance to bank on prospects and liquidation value for debt settlement negotiations
North American and international distributor of juices, wines, and canned food products Consultant to the company Reviewed financial reporting systems and prepared financial forecasts for financing purposes
Beverage distributor Consultant to majority owner Assessed viability to evaluate business prospects and recommended whether further investment was warranted
Specialty food product manufacturer and distributor Consultant to secured lender Assessed viability, cash flow, and operational monitoring of an ABL structured facility. Appointed to conduct sale process which resulted in sale and full repayment of bank debt
Distributor of multicultural foods Court appointed receiver Fraud investigation and subsequent sale of land and building including disposal of all perishable food inventory in accordance with health and safety protocols. Assisted secured lender in negotiating settlement of debtor guarantee
Manufacturer of spices and food flavouring Trustee in bankruptcy and privately appointed receiver Sale of business assets to multiple buyers. Liquidation of equipment and vacated premises and disposal of all perishable food inventory following health and safety protocols

Media & Entertainment

Film and television production and distribution company Consultant Advised board of directors of publicly traded company with respect to sale and investment process and assisted in preparation of due diligence materials
Film production company Court appointed receiver Completed film production, sale of worldwide distribution rights, and successfully obtained tax incentive refunds
Multicultural newspaper publisher and advertising agency Court appointed receiver Successfully concluded sale process of the company’s intellectual property including publishing rights for a prominent multicultural newspaper

Oil & Gas

Oil well service and maintenance contractor Financial advisor Advised senior lender, US equity, sponsor, and local management regarding operations and cash management, and supervised private sales process resulting in an out of court going concern sale
Foreign company with Canadian subsidiary that owned oil wells Financial advisor Advised overseas creditors on valuation and restructuring options
Manufacturer of drilling equipment for oil and gas wells Court appointed receiver Managed cross-border business operations and completed going concern sale of domestic, US, and overseas business assets

Real Estate & Construction

Residential real estate developer and builder CCAA monitor Super monitor over six corporate entities including multiple high rise condo towers; complex structure resulting in significant inter-company issues. Committee of adjustment process to extract additional value; Tarion Bulletin 19 and performance audit conciliation process
Multi-development residential home builder CCAA monitor Arranged plan to build out two developments by main lender which was accepted and approved by Court. Ongoing monitoring of buildout for benefit of creditors
Residential condominium developer Court appointed receiver Completed construction of residential condominium building and subsequent unit sales to public
Franchise of major hotel chain Court appointed receiver Operating receivership and going concern stalking-horse sale process
Major shopping mall Court appointed receiver Successful sale to fully repay mortgage indebtedness which included mortgage defeasance process
Two environmentally contaminated industrial manufacturing facilities Court appointed receiver Completed environmental assessment and remediation to obtain a record of site condition to facilitate a successful sale
Developer of townhouse complex Court appointed receiver Facilitated a full repayment to secured lenders resulting from debtor’s refinancing while appointed as receiver
Real estate developer Court appointed interim receiver Acted as interim receiver of individual with significant real estate investments, and advised creditors regarding recovery options during proposal proceedings

Retail & Consumer Goods

Apparel manufacturer and retailer Proposal trustee Advised shareholder on turnaround and restructuring options
Cross-border manufacturer and distributor of wood chips to overseas customers Consultant and proposal trustee Advised shareholders and acted as proposal trustee to settle large judgments issued in US court proceedings and obtained court approval for settlement and completed distribution to creditors
Sporting goods manufacturer and wholesaler Consultant to secured lender and court appointed receiver ABL facility which included EGP/EDC financing. Assessed purchase order cash funding requirements and business viability; court appointed receivership over business with international operations in Canada, US, and Europe
National retail chain of fashion accessories Court appointed receiver Advised secured lender/shareholder on restructuring options.

Resulted in self liquidation to maximize recoveries

Giftware products distributor Proposal trustee Facilitated sale of parts of the business and liquidation of the remainder for the benefit of the shareholders

Special engagements

Real estate investment company and developer Court appointed inspector Inspector appointed under the Ontario Business Corporation Act to undertake forensic investigation
Cold storage transportation company Investigation/ Information officer Prepared report used in shareholder dispute litigation
Residential condominium developer Court appointed inspector Investigated developer’s books and records for improper payments
Directors of an Ontario financial institution Court appointed monitor pursuant to a Mareva injunction Undertook court ordered activities in order to secure and preserve assets
Medical clinics Investigation/ Information officer Advised shareholders in dispute and carried out and completed successful court supervised sale
Energy organization Information officer pursuant to Part IV of the CCAA Reported to Canadian creditors on status of international insolvency proceeding

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