Whether you have sustained a loss of profits, value, wages, earnings, future earning potential, or damage to real and personal property, you need a qualified forensic accountant with the professional expertise to assess and calculate the economic damage.

The team of forensic accounting and litigation support experts at Fuller Landau has been sought after as a trusted resource to lawyers, insurance companies, and businesses for years, having earned a reputation for offering keen investigative insight and comprehensive damages quantification assessments that stand up to intense scrutiny.

Our team has expertise in providing well-reasoned damages quantifications resulting from fraud, loss of profit, breach of contract, construction disputes, or breach of fiduciary duty, to name a few. In cases where litigation support is required, we also provide expert witness testimony, critique of opposing experts’ reports, assistance with examinations for discovery, and expert cross-examination at trial.

Our team of damages quantification and litigation support professionals is here to support you. Contact one of our partners today or meet our experts below, to learn more.

Damages Quantification Recent Insights

Loss of profits damage quantification – a method to the madness

Fuller Landau team • September 09, 2019

The subcontractor that you hired on a project is suing you for non-payment. Even though the case has been going on for over a year, you still can’t believe the nerve. The amount of money that they cost you in delays, replacement materials and additional fees was extensive and led to their ultimate termination from

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Construction tender disputes – supporting the damages calculation

Fuller Landau team • August 19, 2019

In the construction industry, a tender process is a common way to choose a service provider. Typically, the lowest bid that meets the criteria wins, and the project gets underway without issue. However, situations may arise in which a bidder claims that they were unsuccessful due to the alleged actions of the tendering company. If

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Protecting your interests in a shareholder dispute

Fuller Landau team • November 26, 2018

Shareholder disputes with your Toronto business can arise for a number of reasons. There could be disagreements over the direction of the business, dishonesty on the part of controlling or minority shareholders, discrepancies in compensation, or a number of other causes. When becoming a shareholder in a company and if involved in a shareholder dispute,

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