Our litigation accounting team has earned a reputation for being thorough and intuitive. We understand the sensitivity of these assignments and we know that communication and careful planning are the keys to a successful outcome.

When you need litigation support, your goal is to win cases and our experts will play a crucial role in helping you.

How we help: Litigation support

Our first step is to identify key documents, assess potential damages, and assist with Examinations for Discovery. Then we prepare an expert report, provide court testimony, and assist with cross-examination of the opposing expert.

We support our clients in a variety of litigation cases, including:

Shareholder disputes
When a minority shareholder claims unfair treatment by the majority shareholder, a valuation of the minority shareholder’s interest is sometimes needed. In these circumstances, we can act as the court-appointed joint valuator or as the sole valuator for either party.

Breach of contract
When contracts are terminated, we assist our clients in the determination of damages. We can provide expert reports and court testimony to quantify the damages and have done so in numerous breach of contract cases.

Breach of fiduciary duty
Breach of fiduciary duty cases involve losses resulting from the abuse of a position of trust. Examples include the negligent acts of an investment manager or the theft of a customer base by a key employee. We prepare damages reports and conduct forensic accounting analyses in cases of breach of fiduciary duty.

Damage quantification
Other commercial litigation involving damages quantification includes construction damages, professional negligence, and other matters involving a loss of profit.

How we help: Forensic accounting services

We have significant depth of investigative experience and deliver comprehensive and well-reasoned reports in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Our forensic accounting services include investigations related to:

Misappropriation of assets/funds

  • Asset tracing
  • Source and use of funds analysis
  • Fraud investigations

Broker fraud and negligence

  • Investigation of misappropriation
  • Assessment of mismanagement of funds
  • Quantification of damages

Estate and trust matters

  • Assessment of damages in prudent investor rule cases
  • Fraud and misappropriation of funds investigations
  • Business valuation

Our team

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Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting insights

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The examined life: proving a spouse has been living beyond their disclosed means

Matthew Downey • November 10, 2021

As Chartered Business Valuators (CBV), we often hear allegations that a spouse has not fully disclosed their assets or income in a family law proceeding. The failure to fully disclose assets can lead to an unequal division of net family property and non-disclosure of income sources could result in inequitable child and spousal support payment

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You suspect fraud – how a forensic accountant can help with your investigation

Bruce Roher • March 04, 2021

Your bookkeeper has informed you of suspicious entries in your company’s records. You suspect that a member of your finance team has misappropriated funds and transferred merchandise to their own company. What should you do? The first step is to inform your corporate counsel of the events that have taken place. This may result in

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