Business Valuation Services for Shareholder Disputes

It is an unfortunate reality that business partners don’t always see eye to eye, and disputes between shareholders are not uncommon. Often such shareholder disputes arise either out of differences of opinion on the course of action the company is taking, or feelings of mistreatment or oppression from those who hold a minority number of shares.

In such cases, a shareholder may wish to depart the partnership, and legal representation may be sought. Oftentimes, lawyers will advise their client to obtain a formal business valuation to help resolve the shareholder dispute.

Why is a Business Valuation Needed in a Shareholder Dispute?

A proper business valuation is a complex process that requires expertise in generally accepted valuation principles and application. In the case of a shareholder dispute, the purpose of a valuation is to determine how much the shares are worth, at a certain point in time, so that an equitable sale can be facilitated.

What are the Special Considerations in Shareholder Disputes?

Special considerations – including the practical realities of tax issues related to the sale of shares, determining the actual date of the valuation, and whether a minority discount should apply – must be made when preparing business valuation reports for shareholder disputes.

Knowledge is Everything

At Fuller Landau, our team of knowledgeable and experienced Chartered Business Valuators has earned a first-rate reputation for providing thorough, objective, and well-reasoned valuation reports for shareholder disputes.

Supplemented with the expertise of our in-house tax and accounting specialists, we offer a well-rounded analysis of the industry, economy, company size, competitive environment, customer base, and existing contracts to deliver an accurate and representative valuation of the business in question.

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    • Independent business valuations are critical for assessing the value of business assets and goodwill? We can help.
    • Fuller Landau was founded over 60 years ago? That adds up to a lot of business valuations under our belt.
    • Fuller Landau is an active member of Leading Edge Alliance? LEA is an international association of accounting and consulting firms, providing our clients with access to a global network of advisors.

    Meet Our Experts

    For more information on business valuations for shareholder disputes, please contact one of our partners below.

    Meet Our Experts

    For more information on business valuations for shareholder disputes, please contact one of our partners below.

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