Business Valuation Services

Your goal is to understand the true value of your business, build shareholder wealth, and make informed decisions – with confidence – for the future of your business. The team of expert business valuation professionals at Fuller Landau provides insight, clarity, and guidance that you can trust.

Why Do You Need a Business Valuation?

Independent business valuations are crucial for assessing the value of business assets, intellectual property, and goodwill. Whether you are buying or selling a business, developing a plan for succession, or in the midst of a shareholder dispute or marital separation, you need the specialized knowledge and expertise of a business valuation professional. And when you’re engaged in a merger or acquisition transaction, a thorough business valuation can help you negotiate the best deal structure and terms.

Expertise is Essential

Fuller Landau’s team of Chartered Business Valuation professionals has earned a reputation in the industry for providing objective, comprehensive, and well-reasoned valuation reports. In collaboration with the tax and accounting specialists at Fuller Landau, our depth of experience, technical excellence, and well-rounded knowledge of the business environment ensure that all your needs are addressed.

In cases where litigation support is required, we also provide expert witness testimony, critique of opposing experts’ reports, assistance with examinations for discovery, and expert cross-examination at trial.

Our business valuation experts are sought after for such purposes as:

Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Pricing the business for sale
  • Developing strategy for approaching potential buyers
  • Negotiating deal structure and terms with potential buyers
  • Raising capital and financing

Shareholder Disputes & Buyouts

  • Sale to existing shareholders/management group or outside third party
  • Minority interest appraisal
  • Oppression remedy cases

Income Tax, Estate, and Succession Planning

  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Shareholder estate planning
  • Business valuations for succession planning
  • Employee share ownership arrangements
  • Transfer pricing
  • Deemed dispositions on the death of a shareholder

Marital Separation

  • Business valuations
  • Valuation of stock options
  • Assessment of income for support purposes
  • Tracing of funds
  • Net family property statements
  • Post-separation financial planning

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Did You Know…

  • Independent business valuations are critical for assessing the value of business assets and goodwill? We can help.
  • Fuller Landau was founded over 60 years ago? That adds up to a lot of business valuations under our belt.
  • Fuller Landau is an active member of Leading Edge Alliance? LEA is an international association of accounting and consulting firms, providing our clients with access to a global network of advisors.

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