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Wealth can present both opportunities and challenges. We understand.

A Family Office is a professional structure used to manage the complex financial needs of an affluent family. Consider it like having a Personal CFO for your family with a multidisciplinary team of professionals to oversee and manage your financial affairs.

Unlike a traditional private wealth management service offering, Fuller Landau’s Family Office, with locations in Toronto and Hamilton, provides a holistic solution to investment portfolio advisory, bookkeeping, tax planning and compliance, insurance, philanthropy, and estate planning, all in one place.

If you don’t have the time, inclination, or expertise to manage your growing wealth, and you agree with any of the following statements, we should talk.

  • I would like to deal with one central advisory firm with a comprehensive and integrated offering where all of our financial needs can be handled efficiently.
  • I am looking for objectivity, not a firm that is trying to sell us a product.
  • I would prefer to deal with an advisory firm that understands how wealth can influence family dynamics.

Our Family Office teams respond directly to the complex demands of wealthy families. All services are centered and customized around the specific and unique needs of your family. That means responding to you in creative ways with customized services, capabilities, and solutions. Here’s how we can help:

  • Investment advisory and portfolio management
  • Tax planning and compliance
  • Multigenerational wealth transfers and succession planning
  • Insurance advisory and management
  • Will and estate planning
  • Philanthropic planning
  • Administration, including bookkeeping, budgeting, cash flow management, and net worth statement preparation

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Did You Know…

  • Fuller Landau’s Family Office is lead by partner Sloan Levett? He joined the firm back in 2004 and considers this his dream job.
  • Unlike banks and wealth management firms, Fuller Landau’s Family Office is truly independent? We don’t receive compensation from any of the third-party providers that we may recommend to you.
  • Fuller Landau’s Family Office is a truly integrated service? You gain access to our in-house experts in the areas of tax, investments, insurance, administration, and estate and financial planning to develop the best solutions for your needs.

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