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The decision to expand overseas is a significant one, with many financial, tax, and business implications to consider. In particular, international tax laws are complex and ever-changing. Whether you’re a Canadian business looking to open operations in another country, a foreign business coming to Canada, or an individual, expatriate, or investor with international interests, you need the right advisors by your side to help you leverage every opportunity and mitigate any potential risks.

Fuller Landau has been an active member of the Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) since 2001. LEA is a global network of mid-market accounting, tax, and consulting firms across more than 110 countries. In 2018, Fuller Landau became a member of The International Accounting Group (TIAG), a worldwide alliance of independent accounting firms in over 70 countries. When you choose to work with Fuller Landau, you gain access to this worldwide network, offering expertise in local markets.

Over the years, Fuller Landau, together with our affiliate LEA members, has worked with countless Canadian businesses on their journey of international growth and expansion. Our suite of services address both the strategic planning and ongoing tax and business compliance that are necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.

Our International Services for Canadian businesses setting up operations in foreign jurisdictions include:

  • Acquisition and sale support
  • Outbound tax structure planning to ensure tax minimization
  • Canadian foreign reporting and information return compliance
  • Foreign income and surplus calculations to support the repatriation of profits earned abroad
  • US personal and corporate tax compliance
  • Foreign business, payroll, and indirect tax registration and compliance
  • Foreign (non-US) corporate tax compliance and planning
  • Transfer pricing planning and reporting
  • Tax planning for Canadians owning foreign real estate

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Did You Know…

  • Leading Edge Alliance (LEA) has 226 member firms in 620 offices across more than 110 countries? That’s a lot of expertise, right at your fingertips!
  • All LEA member firms must go through rigorous due diligence before being accepted into the alliance? Only the best of the best make the cut.
  • TAGLaw is the sister alliance of TIAG with members comprised of independent law firms around the world? Through this relationship, we can help our clients with their business needs outside of Canada!

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