Ohran Gobrin
Partner and Practice Lead, Valuations
"Has COVID-19 reprioritized your digital strategy? Let’s talk about what the digital transformation of your business might involve."

Practice Areas

  • Business Valuations
  • Damages Quantification
  • Financial Advisory
  • Corporate Finance/M&A
  • Operations, Technology

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I am a Partner, leading the Business Valuations practice at Fuller Landau. Since January 2019, I have also served as the firm’s Chief Operating Officer.

As the practice lead of our Business Valuations group, I bring more than 20 years of financial litigation expertise in business valuations, damages quantification, income determination and forensic investigations for family law, commercial law, and other dispute matters.

I also provide financial strategic planning and transaction guidance to owners of private companies, partnerships, and high net worth individuals and families.

I have qualified as an expert witness and have provided evidence in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice and at arbitrations and mediations.

I speak regularly at professional and academic conferences as an authority in my field.

As COO, I am responsible for enhancing our clients’ experience by ensuring we have the right strategy, culture, technology, processes, and skill sets in place. I led the firm through our 2019 digital transformation and continue to look for opportunities to leverage processes and technology to enhance internal and external client experiences. I am committed to responding to the technological changes that are reshaping the accounting industry and the industries in which our clients operate.

Academic achievements, memberships, and professional designations

  • Chartered Business Valuator
  • Member, CPA Ontario
  • Member, CPA Canada
  • Chartered Accountant (South Africa)


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Litigation support and business valuations in high net worth matrimonial disputes

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Ever hear of a quick, fair, and even-handed divorce? Me neither! Divorces by their very nature tend to be emotionally charged and contentious. The conflicts that ended the marriage quite often continue to simmer, resulting in a lengthy battle over what constitutes a fair settlement. If you own a business, the value of your company

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