The Fuller Family: Meet Adam Erlich

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Adam Erlich

Adam Erlich is a Vice President in Fuller Landau’s Restructuring & Insolvency group, with an interesting – yet unexpected – career on the side. We sat down with him to learn a little more about his specialty practice and what he gets up to outside of the office.

Q: Why Fuller Landau?

The partners at Fuller Landau really want us to succeed, to market ourselves, and to learn every step along the way. Fuller Landau is a full-service firm with a number of specialty practices including Restructuring & Insolvency (R&I). There are so many opportunities to expand my skillset within the firm, and our clients value the range of resources we provide. Before joining Fuller Landau, I was with one of the Big 4 and then a large regional firm, but I wanted more autonomy and diversity in the assignments I work on. The R&I division at Fuller Landau has three partners, and I continuously learn from each of them. I know from experience that such a supportive and encouraging environment is hard to come by.

Q: Why Restructuring & Insolvency?

I originally began my career in Auditing, then moved to Tax, and eventually transitioned to R&I. I wanted a job that isn’t routine. I like the excitement and challenge that comes with not knowing how my day is going to unfold. In the R&I group, every day is different because we are dealing with a wide variety of files and issues that are often unpredictable. It keeps me on my toes.

Outside of Fuller Landau, I have a second career as a Magician’s Assistant. My boss is my six-year-old daughter. If you need help pulling a rabbit out of a hat, we should talk.

Q: For those who aren’t aware of the Restructuring & Insolvency services we offer at Fuller Landau, can you provide an overview?

Our R&I team helps businesses that are in financial distress to understand the options available to them. We provide restructuring services to improve capital structure, preserve value, and turn around a business when it is struggling to pay creditors. When a company is in severe financial distress and can no longer meet its obligations, we guide them through the process of filing for bankruptcy.

We also help lenders recover non-performing loans, and we perform viability assessments on businesses for lenders so they better understand the risks associated with a loan and their best course of action.

Finally, we also offer consumer insolvency solutions to help individuals eliminate personal debt through consumer proposals, bankruptcy, debt consolidation, or credit counselling.

Q: What do you find most difficult about the work that you do?

It can be emotionally draining at times, especially when you’re working with individuals or family-owned businesses who are struggling financially and can’t make ends meet. They are under so much stress and it’s important to take the time to understand their specific situation. At times, my job may involve terminating employees on behalf of a company that can no longer stay afloat, and there is no easy way to do that. In those situations, communication and empathy are so important.

Q: What is your greatest accomplishment, both inside and outside of work?

Does going to the gym ten times in six weeks count? Sometimes the little victories matter. In all seriousness, my biggest personal accomplishments are my two kids, aged six and four. I am so proud of them. Professionally, my biggest accomplishment was earning my designations. Passing my CIRP final and trustee oral exams was probably the toughest and most challenging thing I have ever done. And it’s funny that it goes hand-in-hand with my family. I’ll always remember that my daughter was learning to walk while I was studying for my exams.

Q: Any hobbies or hidden talents that you’d like to share?

I’m learning how to barbecue on a smoker, and I love to play golf when I can find the time. My wife and I like to try out new restaurants on Saturday nights with our friends, and I’m also a member of a steak club with the mission of finding the best steak in the city. And with two little kids, one of my biggest hobbies is being a weekend chauffeur, going to birthday parties, and watching their gymnastics and dance classes.

Thank you, Adam, for giving us a sneak peek into your life both in and out of the office!

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